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    This just looks like a waaaay more complicated armor buff.
    I kind of like it. XD
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    That's the idea. It's just a roundabout Protect spell. Instead of actively diminishing damage taken over (time), it restores some damage taken over (time). More, if you can avoid taking damage again while you're regenerating from the hit taken.

    I guess it could see some use in a group, if one person is running Protect and another Regeneration, buuut... it would - at the very least - quiet the people who go "Omg no heal spell? Wtf devs!" :p
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    Meh, I really don't think that there is any need to calm the people who want a healing spell. Making complicated solutions to work around the fact that there shouldn't be any healing isn't really something I think one should waste time on and even if they added this I think people would complain about it being useless. I just think that people have to accept that the game is a Singleplayer/CO-OP game that deals with HP in a different way than the more comon RPGs. There whole HP system is built around the fact that you can die as many times as you want without it affecting your character in any way and there is no need to change that.
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    I think Berserker Style, after it's nerf to remove gaining EP off of skill hits, might be somehow less favored than the old Wind Slash used to be. I don't think I've played with anyone who has enjoyed it or toggled it on more than once. +DMG in exchange for +DMG Taken / EP Drain isn't enough of a trade-off. I think Berserker Style needs something to make it on par with Shadowclone.

    Shadowclone is picked because it stunlocks enemies, making them flinch until they die. Maybe Berserker Style should do the opposite, prevent character stunlock/flinching and knockback as well? That way you could trigger Berserk, march up to an enemy and charge up a powerful attack without worrying that you'll be knocked out of it.

    That or instead of EP drain it just... disables EP regen completely, forcing you to get your EP back by landing hits. It seems like it's the most ignored skill. :p
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    Fred talked a bit about the internal discussion of whether or not to add a Support 'Sprint/Dash' skill on his stream, serving more or less the role of a non-offensive Piercing Dash.

    A thought occured to me: Without a weapon-neutral ability to move as fast as Piercing Dash lets you, 1H weapons will become the default in speedruns. There's no way 2H can make up for all the time lost walking about at normal speed. :(

    Edit - Though, I guess speedrunners could do a 1H category and a 2H category. :p
  6. GoodStuff

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    I rarely use Piercing Dash in combat when I speedrun so in theory you should be fine with just using quick slots for switching to 1h for moving around and then switching back to 2h with another quick slot for combat.
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    I enjoy using it, I typically have it up 24/7 during Story mode

    ...that said, during Story mode. Its definitely not something I would use on an Arcade mode character, and heck, I wouldn't really use it on an undergeared story character either. It feels like a very late-bloom skill at this point; and while you can put out some pretty insane numbers with it with ludicrous crit rate/attack speed... your EP drains ridiculously fast, and against bosses it seems like an actual DPS loss to keep it on if you aren't able to constantly hammer the boss (Ex. Hard mode Red Giga Slime).

    Against bosses with minions though or just general grinding, it really shines. EP, crit, attack speed for days. Enraged Toy Machine is a prime example. Disable for the trains, enable for the Gifts/Presents and just go ham.

    All that said though, I do feel like its benefits really don't outweigh the risks and disadvantages it presents. I think if it gave a minor amount of hyper armor, along with slightly reduced EP drain and the buff lasting slightly longer, it would be more viable.
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    People constantly forget to cast their buffs. They run out so quick. How to fix that? Hm.

    Enhancement Echo

    A support skill that automatically recasts your (previous/next?) support buff skill every # seconds without needing to manually recast it, or go through the casting animation. Enhancement Echo blocks # EP while active and can be disabled by casting it again. Echo'd support buffs still use their required EP and will not cast if there isn't sufficient EP.

    Basic: Every # seconds, recast (previous/next?) Buff Support Skill.
    Bronze: Every # (less than Basic) seconds, recast (p/n?) Buff Support Skill.
    Silver: Every # (less than Bronze) seconds, recast (p/n?) Buff Support Skill with a % EP cost reduction?
    Gold: Makes Echo'd support skill last # seconds longer and immediately recasts whenever it runs out.


    Gold: Echoes up to the (past/next?) 2 Buff Support Skills.
  9. Own

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    Barrier: While active and when shielding your Perfect Guard window applies to directions your character isn't facing.

    Upgrades - Longer duration, increase the perfect guard window for directions you're NOT facing by %.

    Might & Magic: While active a circle appears on the screen, a sword on top and a wand on bottom, with a spinning icon racing around the edge. The closer it is to the sword, your MATK is reduced by a % and your ATK given that number of MATK instead. The closer it is to the wand, vice versa. You have to time your skills or attacks properly depending on where the icon is to increase your damage, using an attack skill while it's in the magic section will result in immense weakness. A skill primarily for hybrid characters who have average ATK and MATK, instead of large quantities of one or the other.

    Example. You have 100 ATK, 50 MATK. You hit the very edge of the half of the magic section, a 5% bonus. -5 ATK, +5 MATK. You hit the sword dead center, 50% bonus. +25 ATK, -25 MATK.

    Upgrades - Larger % bonuses, slower moving icon, longer duration.


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