Tips for fighting boars/scarecrows/other no-stun enemies?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mythics, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Mythics

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    In early Arcade Mode, I've learned how to handle most enemies without taking damage. In single player, I usually feel pretty good about how far I make it (even though I've yet to clear it).

    In multiplayer though, Boars are usually the first big threat. When there's a boar, I feel the need to ignore every other enemy and just kite the boar until it stuns itself into a wall (then attack hard/fast). Something about the extra monsters in the small rooms of Arcade Mode seem to almost guarantee at least one Boar in each room.

    By Pumpkin Woods, I usually have some ranged attack or I start using my bow quite liberally. The main reason is due to the Scarecrows. Our priorities are usually to knock out Lantern Jacks with their crazy 3 projectile attacks while running from Scarecrows. Once the Lantern Jacks are down (if there were any), we usually go range ASAP on any Scarecrows.

    I say all this because it took me far too long to realize this pattern my wife and I settled into. I paid closer attention to how these enemies seem to function and I believe the fact that we can't stun certain enemies (while awesome as far as variety goes) make them MUCH tougher when they move so fast, hit so hard, and there's not much room to run.. lol.

    I'm fondly using Ice Nova and Statis frequently to far more success than most other skills because they can freeze/lock down these otherwise unstunnable enemies.

    Anyone else have any tips? Is it intended for these non-boss enemies to avoid stuns from damage? I assume Elder Rabbi in the Zoo boss fight is intended to ignore stuns when the whole berserk like animation triggers.

    Side note: I tried flamethrower recently and it feels completely overpowered to pretty much everything that can be stunned from damage as it just locks them down completely. It hits hard, but if the enemy just attacks you through it.. it's pretty challenging to use.
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    I find earth spear to be a great counter to all of these enemies. Earth spike has a fairly good range and it's a knock-up which only most bosses and few enemies are immune to. After the re-balance of skills it got good buff so it is good at killing things. It can be hard to hit with at times but it can do a lot of work for you. It also locks you down so unless you can get it off far away it can be dangerous to use.

    I also run a frost friend, but that might be too confusing with multiple people, but that is for you to work out. It can be good to keep an enemy away from you so you can deal with the rest of the room first.

    I'd say the best thing to do is to learn patterns. The enemies will attack any chance they get so use that to your advantage. If you can bait an attack you can know where to be to stay safe and even get some damage in or gain some distance.

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