Tons of Secrets of Grindea Coverage Here!

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  1. The G-Meister

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    Gyazo works fine for me, I've looked at images on there multiple times... Anyway, it's all better now, and that's what matters ^-^
  2. IHeartPie

    IHeartPie Halloweed

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  3. Elizabeth Anastasia

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    ooohh!!! IHeartPie!!! i have saw your videos on youtube, lol xD:p:naniva::bag:
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  4. Own

    Own Moderator

    IHeartPie is back. :)

    I noticed that she was around 33-40% HP with 4 fans and still did the single pendulum back-and-forth sway. Shouldn't she be doing the double sway by that point?

    Also, I do hope she isn't given a nerf or anything. By this point in Hard Mode using potions for +20% DMG or +20 DEF (depending on the phase of the fight) should be a necessity. :p
  5. Devel0per

    Devel0per Green Slime

    What the hell are the cat heads on the map?!?
  6. IHeartPie

    IHeartPie Halloweed

    And once again, I'm back to continue the storyline!

    Hitting up the desert and all that frontline content soon!

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