Update on the progress on Mac Version?

Anabelle Dagher

Green Slime
Hi guys! I played this game long time ago, and wasnt even done yet. I was thinking about this game and looked it up on Steam and saw it doesnt have Mac support. I saw a thread that Teddy was going to give it a shot on 2017, but havent seen any updates on that thread, just wanted to know if this is still on mind because i wanna play the updated version of this game, since is has been a long time and it wasnt even finished when i played.

Thank you so much <3


Staff member

I did take a (rather quick) look at it back then and from what I could tell porting the game while in development would've added quite a bit of extra friction, so my decision became to put OSX in the same bucket as console porting!

In other words, we'll look into it (aka, probably pay someone to do it) after any major post-launch updates have been dropped to minimize the amount of times we have to do multi-platform deployments.

Maybe not the answer you were hoping for but there it is! :chicken: