Use the arcade mode points for stat increases

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Pok, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. Pok

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    You have to be the most negative person on the forums...
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  2. Kris

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    I can't say anything since everybody already kinda stated why this wouldn't work.
  3. Pok

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    I haven't seen something mentioned by someone that would make my suggestion detract from the game. They would still be able to play however they like while having other people play differently. The pet system and enemies with increased stats already exist in story mode, so I can't imagine it'd be that much more work to put in (adjusting the difficulty seems like it would be more work than porting a pet).

    Complaints against the suggestion:
    People have suggested it would become too easy:
    -I don't think adding in a pet with similar stat boosts to story mode would make that happen at a significant rate, if it did being able to increase the monster strength like what happens in story mode should compensate.

    People don't want to have stat increases at all in arcade mode:
    -Toggle the pet off and don't adjust the difficulty slider.
  4. Schattenphoenix

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    Also you cant compare gear with passive stats as the gear is one slot in which you have to choose.
  5. Pok

    Pok Rabby

    Maybe if there was an item slot especially for it, otherwise it makes any drop from a chest up to the level of your given equipment useless.
  6. Quote

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    Difficulty toggling in a roguelike always seems off in my opinion. The game is supposed to be hard, and that's its main point. Sure, I'm no masochistic myself and I know I liked rogue legacy because I could grind my way to victory but I can definitely say that it didn't feel like a rogue like when I compare it to binding of Issac.

    The thing is about Issac is that you could get REALLY powerful items early on, while this game pretty much scales as you go. The problem is that you can't get something really strong from an early chest that can carry you far, but instead it's more a test of skill and adapting to a play-style from your more early items and then selling off items that don't fit your build.

    Maybe if you could unlock more strange items that would do some interesting things, but passively like cards.
    Like a Relic which gives you health when you deal damage or enemies who die explode or something. Things that would go out of the boundaries of Adventure/Story and would only be seen in arcade (Randomly found in chests and such)
  7. Pok

    Pok Rabby

    I agree (except I think that adding extra difficulties would only make the game harder [unless you turned it back down to normal after grinding a harder one]).

    I think that the problem with having Grindea as a full on Rogue instead of Rogue-light is that there isn't the randomness that games like Isaac has. Isaac has a tonne of drops, you get a lot per floor and some of them can be a huge upgrade making each run has the potential to be significantly different. Grindea has fewer drops and the drops are very limited in what they do (passive stat increases compared to Isaac's game changers [e.g Mom's knife] making each arcade run very similar. It seems to much better fit with Rogue Legacy, the layout changes but the gameplay is pretty consistent.
  8. Quote

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    Another thing to think about is when it comes to binding of Issac most items you got on you made you more powerful.

    While in this game if you get another weapon that doesn't fit your playstyle the weapon is useless, if your accessory isn't what you like it's useless, if the helmet gives less overall stats it's flippin useless (aside from selling it of course but even then so).

    I still stand by my suggestion to add passive items, like totems or relics or something, that wouldn't be equipped to your character but would just give passive buffs that could be up front like:
    • +10 more damage
    • +5 Defense
    • +10 Speed

    However, I find that boring. It could get more interesting like:
    • +3 health gained upon hitting an enemy
    • +25% more range and knockback during basic strikes
    • +20% chance to inflict (status) on an enemy upon hitting them with a basic strike strike
    • Guarded attacks deflect 20% damage back at the opponent.

    OR could get really wonky with:
    • Summons a shadow clone of yourself while cutting your max health by 25% that follows to your right and copies everything you do (cannot block or take damage)
    • If you perfect guard you explode, dealing damage and knocking back everyone
    • 5% chance when taking a hit to convert the damage into healing
    • Leave a small trail behind you when you walk, if you connect the trail back to itself everything inside of it takes a decent amount of damage.

    I feel like having items that would get really weird and interesting like that would start making the gameplay much different and would add a new level of depth to a character during every individual run. Sure, you can be more like Spelunky but that game was more based upon using your resources to ignore dangerous areas, while this is more binding of Issac you're forced to deal with your problems. Therefore, since this isn't a game where you run and destroy blocks to get to the goal quickly it's to go from room to room to room it's going to need something more when it comes to a specialty within every run.

    There could also be more 'bonus area' feels that could feel more rewarding to get to (Like there's a chalice of gold and a Pool of red liquid, one gives you money and one heals you to full hp. If you grab one, you lose the other).
    Maybe there could be an exchange an item thing. Have an outdated helmet? Put it in with 300 gold and see if you can grab a better one! Put in three with 900 gold and your chances are amazing! (The first one can still get you something dangerous, but the other ones have a higher chance to.)

    I personally feel like the variation is lacking a bit. It's fun and it's cool, which I'm not gonna lie about because it is well made and nice, I simply think there's just one thing they could push in there, something that would make it feel like how I did in binding of Issac when I got something nice (Not broken per say but really nice) in order to just keep myself alive.

    Basic stat increases could make it feel like you could blow through it more, but basic stat increases just feel a bit too basic to me. Too simple and overall too bland. I feel there just needs to be more spice to it to where every run isn't me leveling up basically the spells I'm most comfortable using while grabbing the same weapon and hoping for my armor to give me at least one more defense then my current one.
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  9. Pok

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    I'd be all down for that the only problem is I think it'd be a lot more work than doing the less-exciting stat increases.
  10. Quote

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    Yeah, I do agree with that.

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