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Summary: A ton of quality of life additions, changes and bug fixes! No new story, sadly. These things were done with programmer down-time while waiting for all the graphics needed for the last part of Tai Ming!

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Update Description

Okay, so the third and final Tai Ming zone is pretty stacked with animations for Fred to churn out, so I took this opportunity to add a bunch of things from our list of improvements we wanted to add. A lot of these things are a direct result of player feedback and suggestions!

So no new story, but presumably a ton of juicy bugs, which is the reason this patch comes early and was not bundled into the final Tai Ming patch.

Here are the biggest changes:

World Map Completion: Based on one of @Own's suggestions, we've added completion tracking for the World Map! It tells you how many cards, drops, fishes, quests and secrets you have yet to find in any given area. This should help people figure out what it is they're missing for that juicy 100 % completion! Note that the Achievements and Crafting completion is still tracked via their own menus.

Damage Numbers: The new default setting for displaying damage numbers is "Composite", which turns your damage into one big number (per enemy) instead of many small numbers. We did this change mainly because some builds dish out so many hits that the old damage numbers cluttered everything, and in multiplayer this happened pretty much regardless of builds. It also makes damage over time a bit more readable, as well as how much damage a flamethrower or blade flurry cast actually does in the end! For people unhappy with this change, there's a "Classic" option that mimics the old style, as well as an even more streamlined option called "Minimalistic", and of course... an option to turn off damage numbers completely!

HP Bars: Enemies now have HP bars above their heads by default. These appear after an enemy has taken damage, and fade away after a while if no new damage is taken! Also, low HP allies in multiplayer also have their HP displayed above their heads. Both of these types of HP bars can be disabled, or set to always appear if an enemy or player is below full HP.

Without further ado, here are the patch notes:

  • A flashback orb has been added to Mana's house in the second zone of Tai Ming
  • You can now find and craft the Monkey Ears and the Banana Hat
  • Added an NPC that will sell you treasures you missed (at high prices) after beating a Tai Ming zone
  • Details have been added to make the water in Tai Ming Zone 2 look more alive
  • Predictive loading has been added to Evergrind City and Tai Ming, which should decrease loading times during linear play significantly
  • A new damage display system has been added, compositing combo damage into a single number
  • There's now an option for changing the damage display between the old version, the new version, a minimalistic version, or disable them completely
  • Non-boss enemies will now display a small HP bar above their heads for a while after taking damage
  • HP bars will appear over the heads of low HP allies
  • An option to alter where and when HP bars appear has been added to the Options menu
  • Translators can now choose to use elite enemy prefix titles instead of suffix titles (I think @TsReaper wanted this one!)
  • The (currently rather uneventful) area north of Evergrind Fields: West can now be accessed
  • The Shady Merchant now acts as a buyback store, selling you items you've sold (after this patch)
  • To replace the accessory function of the Shady Merchant, a new merchant and her family has moved into Evergrind!
  • It's now possible to bind actions to mouse buttons
  • On gamepads, it's now possible to move the attack and shield buttons to Y or B via the equipment menu
  • A quest update indicator has been added to make quest progression more noticeable
  • It's now possible to translate a few more menu options into Chinese, Korean and Japanese
  • You can now see each area's completion progress on the World Map
  • The drop rates for the Slime Hat and Rabbit Foot have been adjusted
  • The monkeys in the Puzzle World Key challenge has returned from their bootcamp with better judgement and wallhack
  • Archie the Archeologist has helpfully cleared the way through the first zone of Tai Ming!
  • The Puzzle World got a new theme (the old one was a placeholder!)
  • The EP Regen stat now affects the EP depletion rate of Berserker Style
  • Wisp projectiles no longer lock onto players who are hit invincible
  • Things can now hit your shield even during your post-damage invincibility
  • Changing directions while chaining basic attacks should now feel a bit more responsive
  • 'Talk to X' quest objectives now gets updated after the dialogue, instead of at the start
  • Perfect guarding the Queen Bee's dive attack will now let you defeat her in two cycles
Bug Fixes
  • [Translation Tool]Using 'Next Unsaved' when translating to Chinese/Korean/Japanese should now work much better
  • The Season Hydra name bars should now be rendered in their proper locations again
  • Kailan, the engineer in Tai Ming, is no longer confused about his own name
  • Tai Ming received some optimizations that will hopefully help when playing on older machines
  • Fixed a visual bug making the rocks surrounding some floating blocks appear above blocks in front of it
  • The chest in Puzzle World can no longer be opened diagonally
  • It's no longer possible to enter the time rift on the bridge's edge from below in Tai Ming Zone 2
  • Fixed a metric ton of spelling errors in Tai Ming Zone 2
  • Exiting the game and reloading while in the Giant Thorn-Worm battle now repairs the courtyard
  • After finishing Tai Ming Zone 2, Faita should no longer hide inside Kinton
  • A statue dying while a monkey is carrying it should no longer make it immortal
  • Spirit Slash and Chain Lightning now target each part of the Giant Thorn Worm individually
  • Monkeys knocked into the air while lifting or throwing things should no longer become immortal
  • Fixed a bug causing chilled boars to enter new actions much too quickly
  • The Statue Mask is now correctly marked as a mask and will appear in both head slots
  • You can finally talk to Anita after getting the quest to find turkeys
  • Interrupting the Bossling with a knockup during his snowball barrage no longer locks his AI
  • Marino should no longer faultily render above players while being chased
  • Fixed bug where shielding correctly against the Giga Slime spin sometimes didn't work
  • Defeating the Enraged Toy Machine will now always mute the darn alarm bells
  • Talking to someone while an accessory quick equip prompt is available no longer equips the item
  • Mr Plott should no longer hysterically yell out 'string_not_found' when you compete in the Festival
  • The /respec beta cheat command now resets talents properly, removing the need to reload the save
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So many stars!


Pillar Mountains and Tai Ming were the only ones not starred for me. So I swung by Pillar Mountains, snooped around and, hey, Socks Cave chest was closed. My glitch where every update seems to restock a random chest strikes again. :D

Time to check this out properly!


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I can't seem to enter her house :(
One wooden block can't be moved and it's out of the way. Did something change here?

Did you use the reset-command at some point? I think GoodStuff found some weird bug where that command displaced his blocks one square up, but I couldn't manage to replicate it and thus it's still out in the wild :(

If you haven't used that command, I'm even more nervous!


I used the command, but I did backup and then restored it, so it shouldn't happen. Unless I did something wrong :/

Ok, I got there using teleportation cheat :bag:
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So, I believe this is a bug:

I sold a carrot to the hat shop, talked to Shady Merchant and now he's willing to let me buy infinite carrots back from him. Same with a Masque. I can't increase the numbers one by one, but I can in tens with up/down.

Edit I was hoping to turn my Health Potions into thousands, but it appears to be the only item I can't buy back in tens. :(



At affordable prices.


During the Tai Ming questline, the other scientists all go missing from HQ. I believe they vanish after the festival and never come back? Dad has an [!] over his head you can never get rid of either.

Also, the items in the bottom right corner I believe are supposed to update with each new temple you clear? After Flying Fortress the junk pile upgrades to FF things. Are they supposed to be Season Temple things after you beat it?
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Isn't the Tai Ming balloon on the map supposed to show if you are in the past or present? Well, it doesn't update.



During the Giant Worm bossfight, all the other merchants and townspeople go missing. But she remains there oblivious to everything.


Ahahaha... my "Farmahmera was grinding for a human card" theory might be right after all.


Zhamla owned Pao Zhi? And Phaseman says Bag's allegiance is Zhamla, or at least, 'Sentient container'. Bag seems to know a fair bit about Tai Ming, too. Did... Bag once wear a pink bow? Haha.
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This update happened just before I got home from school but I didn't see it :eek:! Time to go take a look at everything new now then :D.

The G-Meister

Giga Slime
I think GoodStuff found some weird bug where that command displaced his blocks one square up, but I couldn't manage to replicate it and thus it's still out in the wild
Have had this exact same bug. It did it for all of the blocks. Another /taiming2reset fixes it.


So I was grinding monkeys for their drops, and...


After about 30 monkeys, monkey #1 throws the key right through the wall, into the blackness and off the screen altogether. Locations an approximation.

Also monkeys stop spawning if the key hits the ground. :( They should spawn until a character actually picks it up.

Edit Aaaah I can wear Cat Ears and Monkey Ears at the same time. I am a horrible freak of nature and it is amazing.


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So, I just found a visual bug (Already xD) and I cba to find where the "edit" button is on my other post, so, yeah.

Balloons, obviously :naniva:


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What's the bug with the balloons?
Visual bug I think where the balloons are just randomly stuck to the ground. I don't think it's supposed to look like that? If it does it kind of looks sloppy with them just being randomly there.
Edit: I found the edit button. Yay :). Anyway, I think they were supposed to go away after the festival, but I'm not 100% sure so if I'm wrong please correct me.


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Hi guys!
I have a little problem with secrets in Tai Ming. I've found 4 of 6, game says it's completed in 100%, but clearly it is not.
Tai Ming.png
Could you give me some hints or provide some kind of list with every secret ? I'd very grateful.
Also, where's this new NPC who sells omitted treasures? I don't know where should I look for him.


Visual bug I think where the balloons are just randomly stuck to the ground where an NPC was during the festival. I don't think it's supposed to look like that? If it does it kind of looks sloppy with them just being randomly there.

It's the day after the festival, everything is intentionally sloppy. :p Balloons are still everywhere, there's garbage on the streets and a charred chicken cut-out still in town.

Also, where's this new NPC who sells omitted treasures? I don't know where should I look for him.

Go down from the second area in Present Day.

Edit With (temporarily, more were spawning) no monkey around to throw the key to, a monkey still threw the key at a random empty place on the floor.


Apparently if you freeze a monkey solid while they're throwing the key, the key freezes too?


Saw the key thrown away into the blackness again, this time from this angle.


Arcadia's world map now has some identity issues.
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Go down from the second area in Present Day.
Alright, thanks. This solved out my problem, I've bought missing items. To be honest, I don't know how did I miss those two. It seems that I wasn't attentive enough.