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  1. Teddy

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    Summary: This update simply brings the Housing to Stable! For frontline users, there's nothing new to see.

    Recommended level: everyone who's gotten past the first dungeon

    Update Description

    Carpenter and Kim, now bringing not-very-affordable housing for everyone!

    The housing system ended up with the following features: ~150 items to fill your house with, you can expand the house to be roughly four times the size of Evergrind City (if you've got a million gold or so to spare), you can save & load houses and you can adjust lighting for each room.

    While the housing tools are feature locked for now, we'll of course keep adding furniture to fill up your houses with!

    To get the house, talk to Carpenter and Kim in Evergrind City (they're next to the school).


    No need for patch notes this time!

    What's next?

    Support skills! Or, as we'll most likely call them... Utility Skills! We've already had a meeting at our local burger joint where we went through forum discussions and outlined what we wanted to achieve with the skills, and we also picked out 8 skills to create prototypes for.

    We'll give a more thorough rundown of the skills before the next Frontline patch, but here are some key points:

    * No skill should be useless in single player, meaning no ally-only spells

    * The skills should be powerful enough to make an impact matching the EP investment

    * The skills should not be more powerful with 4 allies than with 2 allies (or no allies)

    * I'll rip this bandaid off right away: there will be no healing spells, but for the protective supports we'll experiment with a barrier spell that can block damage

    * Utility skills will have 5 levels, and no charges - they are made to be cast quickly. This helps both solo players, who can incorporate utility spells easier in their gameplay, and also "full supports" who can cast the spells quickly on multiple friends

    As always, nothing is set in stone and we'll see what changes and additions that are made based on feedback from you guys! Stay tuned for more detailed info on the skills!
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  2. res7less

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    Just crashed the game in stable version by trying to rotate Train on Wall in Carpenter's shop. Seems like it's the only wall-item, that has a rotate option. It's not rotateable within the house, though. Probably needs a hotfix (because Stable crash), where it can be consistently either rotated in shop and house, or not rotated at all. My assumption is that it currently either lacks a mirrored sprite to be rotated, or the sprite is not assigned.

    Edit: rotating weapon stands in Carpenter's shop looks weird too. It doesn't crash, but it seems there is a problem with adjusting the randomly selected weapon's sprite to the rotation of the stand.
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  3. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Hotfix should be on its way! The train shouldn't have been tagged as rotatable (but maybe some day you will be able to rotate it)

    Also fixed the rotation for the weapon stands!
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  4. The G-Meister

    The G-Meister Giga Slime

    Good to hear! Sounds like a fantastic, fun framework for everyone, in every situation.
    An interesting choice. I guess by making them quick to cast, people get into the combat a bit quicker. Looking forward to what you come up with.

    Sounds like the big thread on it had an impact, which is a positive for me at least.

    Did you decide on implementing a WIS stat? If so, how were you gonna go about it?

    Only one more exam to go, this Thursday. I'll be sure to max out that house size as soon as possible when I'm back ;)
  5. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    We decided against it hoping we'll be able to balance the spells without the stat! I think it will be enough to play around with EP costs and spell durations, and perhaps also having some talents that are centered around the utility skills. Although we haven't said anything decisive on the matter, there could be equipment that improved utility spells through passive effects, as well.
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  6. araqyn

    araqyn Green Slime

    I noticed the version on is still 0.700. I'd like to test the "new" features but I'm not very keen on linking a steam account. I suppose you simply forgot to update it or are there any issues?

    Related: are there any plans on having the frontline version (or betas after 1.0 is out) available via other means than steam in the future?

    EDIT: humblebundle's stable version of SoG has been updated with the release of 0.730a.
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  7. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    @araqyn The "new" features are frontline updates which are only available on steam. HumbleBundle will only receive the stable updates until the games is released. When the game is released, then all versions should be the same. It is also planned, if I remember correctly, to further support non-steam options in the future.
  8. araqyn

    araqyn Green Slime

    @MrChocodemon I'm aware of that. However, like I said, the current version on HumbleBundle is 0.700 while the current stable version is 0.710a (thats why I wrote ' " new " features'). The "Related" part is more about _the reason why_ the frontline version is steam-only.
  9. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    Because it takes more work to update the data and it isn't automatic.
    When people choose to play the steam frontline version, then they don't have to look for new updates as steam does such things automatically. HumbleBundle on the other wouldn't even inform the players that there is a new version of the game which means that most players wouldn't update their game.

    TL;DR: A lot of work for the devs with very little usage.

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