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    I'm Vilya, one of the two graphic artists making Secrets of Grindea. I'm currently 24 years old and live in the awesome world heritage city Visby, Sweden, with my two colleagues!

    Gaming has been a huge part of my life since before I can even remember - my mother and sister made sure that would be the case when they played Mario and Zelda on the NES 'with' me before I could even walk. My favorite games nowadays are mostly RPGs, with Baldur's Gate being the absolute #1 forever. I also love oldschool turn-based tactics like the Fire Emblem series and Bahamut Lagoon (more people need to play that game, seriously).

    When I'm not creating art (which currently means 100% graphics for SoG!) I love reading and writing, mostly fantasy and sci-fi. I'm also (not-so-)secretly in love with everything related to history, so I tend to watch a lot of random documentaries on anything pre-1900 while I work.. :p

    Oh, and I'm also owned by two super cute bengal cats called Link and Dante! :D
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    26/m/canada hi ;)
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