[Visual] Timer flashing, Respec as menu button, Selling items grayed out

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Yapos, May 2, 2014.

  1. Yapos

    Yapos Green Slime

    Equipment in the selling menu:
    When selling equipment, the ones currently equipped to you should be darkened and unable to be sold. My reason for this is that the "E" on equipped equipment doesn't help when you want to sell everything off to any merchant. It may be a issue with not being patient but accidentally selling your shield or weapon won't happen with this suggestion.

    Timer for challenges should flash:
    A small suggestion but when doing challenges in arcade mode, you often won't notice when there's 10 seconds or less left. I suggest that when the timer does reach 10 seconds it will start flashing until time runs out.

    Respec option:
    If we get to keep respecing skills for free or something else, I suggest we get a respec option in the same menu as "Combat Magic Support" but under Support. They are people who don't even know about typing /respec and then there's the fact you can't type it in the menu, so this would make things easier.
  2. Sounds good to me. I'm all for "quality of life" tweaks. The devs seem pretty good at mixing them into other work vs saving them all up for the end polishing phase, too.

    On number one though I'm not sure why I shouldn't be able to sell an equipped item. I'd just prefer it not be accidental, which a clearer indicator (like graying out) would achieve.
  3. Yapos

    Yapos Green Slime

    That's actually better when you say it like that. Thank you for your feedback.

    Also guys, I didn't see the "make one suggestion only" rule so my bad.
  4. ark626

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    Please follow the rules of this thread by making suggestions
    Just one suggestion per thread and use a describative title.
    Otherwise the theads are junking around with no order...
    I will close this thread and eventually delete it in a few days.
    I would appreciate it if you repost it as three threads with a more uncommon title describing what you mean so it is obvious from outside, because there are tons of theads with names like
    "Some suggestions" or "My Suggestions for the game" or "My seleven Suggestions".

    Hope im not tooo harsh here but as you can see suggestions are made 2-3-1289074 times but each newcomer postes them cause he cant check if a similar thread is open or not.

    Edit: I just changed the name and wont erase it neither close it but the next time please ONE suggestion per thread .
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  5. GoodStuff

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    Just a heads up, you spelled eleven in "My seleven Suggestions" wrong and it should say: "Hope I'm not too harsh here but as you can see suggestions are made 2-3-1289074 times but each newcomer post them because he can't check if a similar thread is open or not." #spelling #rant Keep up the good work though. :D
  6. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    XDD it should be a funny mix between eleven and seven like her at 2:30

    Oh and i think it is posts because on he/she/it its on nearly every verb an s attached
    The rest sorry i'm not that good in english grammar :D
    But you forgot an image like [​IMG]
  7. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    Ah, I guess I'm to strict to understand those type of jokes, XD
    And they post. :p It's a verb.
  8. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    Which one? the grammar nazi or the seleven joke? ;)
  9. GoodStuff

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    The seleven joke ofc. :p Grammar nazi jokes are fun. ^^
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  10. Fred

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    All valid suggestions, I'll pay them forward to the rest of the ferrets!

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