Where to find "aged rum"?

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    I'm playing the story mode in coop mode, taking turns who hosted the game (we played part of the game with one being the host, on another day we did the same part, with another being the host, and progressively advancing both saves).

    In the first case, we gave the "aged rum" to Bran Di's ghost in Tai Ming and he disappeared, as it should be.
    Now that I am the Host, we only have the "empty bottle" in the inventory, none of the players have the "aged rum", and we are no longer able to find it.

    Searching the internet, I found someone commenting that the "aged rum" is given at a certain point in the quest "The spectral party", but we have already finished this quest (in both saves).

    I also found the changelog information: "Patch 0.873c - February 23rd '20 - The Aged Rum should no longer remain in the inventory after giving it away"

    Did we both have "aged rum" in the inventory, and, by giving Bran Di in one of the Saves, the game removed it from the inventory in both?

    Where to find "aged rum"? If someone can confirm this, I can confirm if it is a BUG, or if we are just missing something...
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    I reset the Ghost Ship with the command "/ghostshipreset" that I found here (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_hvuEjTUZ5lBFW762RGpFyR-svBjaUHWEb3TPpt40yA/edit#gid=0)

    I threw everything again, and I didn't find it. As the chests were not reset with the command already mentioned, I deduce that the item is inside a chest.

    How I solved this BUG: My friend created a new save, found the backup folder (C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\ Secrets of Grindea), and replaced the "new save", with one where we still had the " aged rum "in the inventory. I started the game as a host, and my friend joined the game with this "new save", gave Bran Di's ghost the "aged rum", and since I was the host this time, it counted for my save. After that, my friend deleted the "new save".
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