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Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by res7less, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. res7less

    res7less Jumpkin

    It's happening! And it actually looks solid.

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  2. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    It looks miles better than the SoM Remake.
    A definite buy from me.
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  3. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Wow, yeah, as Chocodemon said that's a huge leap! Looks awesome! I never got to play that one so really looking forward to this remake :D
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  4. res7less

    res7less Jumpkin

    You've missed out big time! Teddy's redemption arc incoming!
  5. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    Seeing how much SoM influenced Grindea, I'm curious on Teddys view on Trials of Mana

    (Secrets of Grindea 2 --> Trials of Grindea (now in 3d, just like Risk of Rain 2))

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