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    Reconnect after dc in Arcade multiplayer

    Me and a friend regularly get a disconnect in Arcade. This is due to unstable wifi, but not something that we can change. Would be great if reconnecting mid-run was possible.
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    [Bug] Wrong health displayed coop Arcade with Barrier

    When my teammate gets hit in Arcade after I gave him a barrier, on his screen it looks like he gets hurt, even goes down to zero health without dying. He has to switch room to discover his actual health again. Initially it looks like there was no barrier at all, and then in the next room he gets...
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    [Bug] Bloomo immune to Bronze charged plant

    Bloomo is immune to Bronze charged plant summon (but not if there is no charge at all). Discovered this in Arcade
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    Lost sound just when facing Winter in Arcade :(

    See title. All other sound was still working, just the SoG sound was completely gone.
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    Version 0.718b

    Well what matters most is how powerful the other skills seem by comparison. It seems that I am significantly stronger with high level smash than with high level of any other 2h skill. Maybe it just fits my playstyle, but I don't think it is just that. EDIT: Might also be I just got better at...
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    Version 0.718b

    I am inclined to think the new Smash is a bit overpowered. I just finished the Arcade for the first time, before I never even made it to the temple. With Smash it felt fairly easy. Maybe it is just that the EP costs are very low. Really had a blast though!
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    Blink got me stuck behind season orb

    In the temple at Santa Fae, I somehow got stuck in the room to the right upper corner of the central room with the statue. The room where I got stuck is the one with the big pool in the middle, and lots of enemies spawn there. Got stuck behind the rightmost orb, and couldnt blink out of there.
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    Version 0.718b

    I strongly disagree. Even as you level it up, you won't always want to fully charge. But needing to go pick up your sword is troublesome sometimes and it is not fun to be stuck without weapon. In terms of progression, there are other ways that can strengthen this effect. Like adding the pick-up...
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    Version 0.718b

    "Firstly, getting to a boss will now refill your HP and EP, so you're always ready for a fair battle. This might be extended to some of the regular enemy gauntlets as well, but right now those work like before!" This isn't happening for me with any bosses :( EDIT: First boss it did work for...
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    Version 0.718b

    Isn't it only related to the distance between you and the ball?
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    Version 0.718b

    at level 2, swinging the branch into the smash ball crits slimes and rabbys for 400 damage :eek: Is this intended? It feels insanely powerful haha Love the pickup slash for the Titan's Throw, nice work :D EDIT: Some impressions: Smashing the ball through a crowd of creatures is tons of fun...
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    Version 0.718b

    Wow this looks fantastic! Damn the barrier nerf in arcade is quite a bit more drastic than I was expecting ^^'
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    Facetank Arcade Build

    Tried it out, works extremely well indeed. I added one point in blink when I saw room for it, saved my ass quite a few times. Although I really like the barrier skill, it probably needs some tweaks. I think it would be unfortunate to completely change the mechanic, but increasing the cooldown...
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    [crash] while killing some frostlings

    Probably had the same type of crash in Arcade against a Jumpkin-type of boss. Had barrier going on and used heroic slam. I didn't play much with entirely different builds, so I hope this info isn't misleading.
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    [crash] while killing some frostlings

    Same setup, another crash doing Remedi's quest