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    Vilya's Work-blog! (aka Pixel Ferrets behind the scenes)

    I like the concept of the potions being something you recharge. I admit I bought like a million potions to feed to my chicken because that's how many I'd get. With that said I better feed my chicken even more before they update the potions huehuehue. I love the idea of improving magic wands and...
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    Lore speculations / discussion (spoiler alert!)

    I agree. We just have to tag everything with the spoiler thing regardless. This is all just speculation anyways to not speculate based on information it wouldn't be much of a sincere theory since in the back of heads it's gonna be there. I'll just brand all future spoilery stuff with the phrase...
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    Revamp Spells to be more viable

    I agree. Besides it would be a lil more fun to use and would explain the EP cost. Cause honestly it's not even that strong and I've tried going all Magic Atk to see if it'll do more than well...Any gold skill melee ability.
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    Revamp Spells to be more viable

    After looking at Vilya's new post it got me thinking about finally making this post since her representation of some skills could be the changes I want implemented to magic currently because as of now it's not very "fun" or "useful" to be a magician other than to use flamethrower/chain...
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    I've returned everyone!

    Oh. Then I guess we can still call him either name depending on the before and after. I have so many questions about the plot but will have to wait until they release the NEXT section which I'm hyped about. Zhamla Meer as a character intrigues me more and more; I'm wondering if everything's as...
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    I've returned everyone!

    Vilya, Teddy, Freddy. It's been way too long and to the few friends I've made; I hope you're still out there. The game has changed alot and has advanced further than I could imagine but I had my reason for taking a break from the bug testing and trying to obsessively be amazing at the Arcade...
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    Back from the dead!

    Back from the dead!
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    Hey here's money for the coffee.

    I'll just be taking this while you're distracted with starbucks... *Takes a hat* Do you guys think devs actually have like a jar each that only uses the money earned to buy coffee and they more or less take turns when deciding who gets the free coffee? Do they even Starbucks? Are they all...
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    New player with a problem/question

    Nay the card more or less dramatically shines from the defeated creature and flings itself towards the corresponding player as RNGesus our lord and savior grants the drop chance to each of you individually. Your brother should not be able to get a 2nd card of the same card but it is probable for...
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    If I made a stream...

    Would anyone join in to maybe give me critique and company? I swore I'd make a good video to try to reach my highscore but lately I've been a nerve wreck when playing alone and I tend to try to lighten up between floors to not freak out (As I have the tendency to want to perfection everything...
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    Looking for to complete this game in Beast Mode Hard Mode!

    I'll consider everyone's requests in an organized steam chatroom as I will need everyone to be cool with the members of the party especially since I'll be uploading it on youtube. Recently I've been working on my Arcade run video to more or less showoff my stuff but that hasn't been going well...
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    My live stream!

    STREAM GRINDING! I'm coining that term. Might actually do a stream myself since I feel rather lonely trying to make good footage for my Arcade runs.
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    Vilya's Work-blog! (aka Pixel Ferrets behind the scenes)

    ...I don't...I'm not sure how I feel about that one. Mainly because...As appealing as it looks to have the gold charge crystal in the beggining replacing the silver I feel like it defeats the purpose of the visuals. I'm having a difficult time putting it into words but this basically means...