I'm just a friendly dude on the internet that loves games, music and puzzles.
Lund, Sweden


"I guess the game crashed...

( •_•)>⌐■-■

...due to the butterfly effect." /Teddy 2014


"This bug and I go way back. Our families used to celebrate Thanksgiving back in the day. I even briefly dated its sister once. I know that I should fix it, and I will do it one day, it just feels wrong, you know?" - Teddy 2015


I am 99% sure at this point the drop chance has a decimal point in the wrong position. Instead of 1.5% it's .15%. If not that, there is something else at play here.

"Haha, stahp, you think I'd mistakenly make a 1.5 % drop into a .15 % drop??

I had mistakenly made a 2.5 % drop into a .25 % one!" -Teddy 2016


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