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    Mimik attack patterns - how to avoid last wave

    mh, okay.. looks like it has to be very fast :D... but the skillchanging seems kind of expensiv for a regular playo_O i give it a try *edit* just works fine with my std-build :D FT only worked well....just spelling it before red slime spawnt ;D
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    Mimik attack patterns - how to avoid last wave

    hey guys, i had an arcadegame a few days ago where mimik forgot to spit out its last wave. the one with the Tai Ming enemies, especially the Echo of Madness. anyone of u recognized how not to trigger it?! like against GUN-D4M, if u make enough dmg to the fists it skips the rockets?! i tried the...
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    Arcade mode Highscores

    hey guys, whats the matter with the score-percentages?! i just played a S-only game and didnt even get near 4,x million :-/ only found the treats to lower the score.
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    Arcade: Last Spell, FF, FT build

    hey, tried a new build last days with FF, FT und last spell on arcade. quite hard receiving enough/not too much dmg to enable it :D any ideas on increasing DMGoutput? anyone tried Specialist? hard to quantify the dmg-gain 'cause its not directly reflected in MATK :bag: maybe snapcast is another...
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    Dropping on orbs in winter/after Gun-D4M-Fight in Arcade/multiplayer

    Hey, just found out there is no possibilty avoiding dropping on the orb after the Gun-D4M-fight on multiplayer arcademode when entering winter-lvl. No prob on singleplayer. As soon as there are >1P one drops on it :( quite annoying with last-spell-build :D -h0ffi`
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    Version 0.719a

    You were right :D i just checked the MATK after perfect guarding, not after actually casting
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    Version 0.719a

    oh, lol, okay xD
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    Version 0.719a

    Are all of the new talents enabled in the arcademode? i just tried snap cast and it had no influence on my matk :/
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    searching for german players

    Are there any ambitious german players want to join us in 3on3 arcade? =) pm or add me on steam - same nick
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    New Arcade Meta: Through The Fire And Flames

    Run in circles, count smashis smashs and change from big to smaller circles, wait for the red marks, perfectguard bashi. smashi will follow you arround, so u'll deal him dmg while attacking bashi. Equip max. Matk. -h0ffi`
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    Hi, after our long journey of searching for a new challenge ;)... long story short: i would like to suggest some kind of a arcade-versus-mode: -you play in split screen so u can see what the other players are doing -each floor has the same rooms with the same enemies for each player -after the...