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    Whispers of the World: Music!

    A while back Vilya created a blogpost wherein she wanted to add little inspectables all around the world, bits of flavor text amidst scenery. I think it was decided against because it risked adding popups everywhere that people might be conditioned to ignore, since it was just text...
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    Bonus reasons to do more than use one powerful skill.

    Skill interactions! Of course, you probably want a small cooldown on these triggering on the same enemy due to co-op craziness. Examples: If Enemy is Chilled, use Fire damage to trigger Frostburn - Reduce enemy DEF for # seconds. If Enemy is Chilled, use Air damage to trigger Windchill -...
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    Pumpkin inspection quest as 2H melee

    Heroic Slam can interrupt the tankier enemies to get them off of Remedi. A single point in that will do you well, while adhering to the 2H theme. You can also place a point in Provoke to force enemies to aggro on you instead of Remedi.
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    Bug in Arcade, Door doesn't open

    I believe you had to use the Spirit Sight ability to make the door reappear. :( Several people have experienced this
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    New trophies? Since we're late enough in the game for trophies to start mattering again, these are some I would like to see. If trophies are being kept as something more than "congrats on beating chapter 1 / 2/ 3, which is mandatory to progress" like...
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    A hint feature

    If you're on Frontline, chances are what you're missing is the ghost in front of the grave. Activate Twisight to see it. Alternatively, the butterfly where the Frostling King was. Or maybe it's growing the sprout near the stump house. Or digging up the treasure near the tent.
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    A hint feature

    That's what the world map is for! :) The icons on the left show you what all you still need to do in that area.
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    Skill Points for Equipment Effects.

    So, I have all the talent points I really need and we're not even in the final dungeon. I also have all the skill points I need, which makes the swap-skillpoints-for-talentpoints function not really useful, unless we're going to get about 5-10 more talents per category before release. Which...
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    First Impressions 2.0

    Respec is just a testing command. You're supposed to go to skills and refund them with gold, as a cost for changing your entire build... but almost no one does it since the respec command is so widely known. :naniva: You can just grind monsters and buy pet food from Oak instead, at the farm...
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    Any good 2 handed build?

    1 silver point into Berserk. 3 talent points into Manaburn. All remaining points into Frosty Friend and Summon Cloud. Equip a two-handed staff and you're good to go. :naniva:
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    Getting 100 %

    Have you freed the shield from its prison? Have you given the rum bottle to Bran Di? Have you slid the runeblock onto the rune tile in the boss room?
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    Arcade Pins

    1) If you have Barrier, auto-cast it on yourself at the start of each room for 0 EP. (You would be surprised just how many forgetful people this would help.) 2) At the start of each battle room, mark an enemy with a coin icon. If this enemy is killed first, it has significantly increased gold...
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    Technically, yes! Do you need help with something?

    Technically, yes! Do you need help with something?
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    Monkey Ears

    Probably just bad luck. If you want to increase your chances, lure all the statues south, kill them but don't break them. Leave them down there. That should remove them from the enemy spawn pool. Use the potion that increases item drop rates whenever you see a bunch of monkeys, or an elite one.
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    First Impressions 2.0

    Seasonne exists to show you that the seasons are completely out of whack, thanks to Winter's interference. Seasonne is close to Season Temple, so it's the first place to feel Winter's influence. Slightly further out is West Evergrind, the ranch, where autumn seems to be setting in. Everywhere...
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    [Visual] Finder's Map #1 looks different than actual location

    Finder made those maps herself to trick us into going on a treasure hunt, so I don't think that's it, unless she has been waiting for someone to come along for good long while. Though your reasoning was probably the original intention and the maps were made before they decided how the maps...
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    Where is Luke's mom after defeating the Final Boss on the Lost Ship (possible spoilers)

    Imagine delivering a beating so hard you disintegrate their entire family tree.
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    [Gameplay] Dont get hit Arcade bug

    If you're talking about the one in Evergrind Forest with all the boars and red slimes, those are killable under any circumstance. It's almost possible to complete unless you kill at least a few of them.
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    Arcade Pins

    Not full ideas, just setups. 1) You can no longer gain cards, but...? (Sticky pin) 2) For each card you have and later acquire, gain...? (Synergy: Super Elites + Gain 3 Cards) 3) For each room you leave unvisited when leaving a floor, gain...? And a few full pin, I guess. 1) Begin each battle...
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    Arcade Pins

    1) Refund all skill points. Any skill or utility you have used this run is locked for the remainder of the run. Gain +1 Silver and Gold Point per 2 floors beaten of the current run, minimum 1. (Sticky Pin. Basically forced to abandon your entire build if you want a bunch of gold points.) 2)...