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    First Impressions 2.0

    may i just say that the echo of madness enemy is absolutely genius (specifically the elite ones) such a small detail but its amazing none the less that its a spirit of insanity searching for the same thing Zhamla is. (even has the same sword)
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    yea thats what javascript injection is it changes what you see on the webpage but not whats actually happening
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    if you know javascript you can inject it into the webpage and change the colour manually
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    noclip cheat

    look ive beaten up to the begging of the demo so far legitimately and i dont want to go through that damned trick phasing puzzle again (i lost my save due to hardware errors) so is there anyway i can just like ....noclip to the end of the puzzle
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    spring orb

    it kinda did answer it i was just saying that the wiki is dumb
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    spring orb

    im just asking cause the wiki says that i should be able to after beating winter
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    spring orb

    there are two orbs in the temple of seasons im assuming are spring ive cleared the temple but they dont work is this like a loose end for something uncompleted or what?
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    Does anyone have an actual strategy for the Elder Fae fight?

    basicaly focus on the thorns and autumn autumn has that stupid whirlwing thing