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  1. GrayShadoz

    Secrets Of Grindea! First Boss & Level 9 | Hard Mode - Episode 1

    Here I play the story mode with some friend and we decided to do hard mode this time! Check me out I hope you enjoy!
  2. GrayShadoz

    Helping New Content Creators with Free Promotion & Community

    Hey guys! Join my discord! During my four years of youtube, I realized it's better to help others than to focus solely on myself! I have created a discord server where people can share their creations and get feedback if needed! Add my discord Timothy#3768 to get your video pinned for extra...
  3. GrayShadoz

    The Sacred Shrine!

    Follow as we complete the next part of Tai Ming!
  4. GrayShadoz

    Puzzle World!?!

  5. GrayShadoz

    Secrets of Grindea! Tai Ming - Part 4 - Giant Thorn Worm!

    Check out my latest content of the Tai Ming series! Daily uploads!
  6. GrayShadoz

    Secrets of Grindea! Tai Ming - Part 3 - Side Quests and Mini Bosses

    Hi! A month ago i revived my gaming channel. With that I have been working on all of my skills to become a better editor and commentor. Playing new games and rpg's that are open world are my favorite. I do reviews or 'Let's Trys' to show them off. I am also an invested Rocket League player, so I...
  7. GrayShadoz

    Secrets of Grindea - Tai Ming - Part 2 Crazy Apes and Wheres the Ale?!

    Hey guys! I'm Timothy, also known as GrayShadoz. I have finally revived my channel and with that comes more Secrets of Grindea one of my new favorite games! I've been playing this game for a while but I cant wait for a update! Hope you enjoy my gameplay! Click that link ^^ for my latest video!
  8. GrayShadoz

    Secrets of Grindea - Tai Ming Run Through - Part 1

    Hey Everyone! I saw that a lot of people checked out my run through of Mount Gloom, so I hope you will all check out my newest video as well! I would greatly appreciate it and if you enjoy, please like! More content will be coming soon, and I hope you stick around to see me stream the game...
  9. GrayShadoz

    Let's Play Through Mount Bloom

    Yes I have! I have played all the way up to where they have stopped! It is amazing
  10. GrayShadoz

    Let's Play Through Mount Bloom

    Here is a play through of Mount Bloom! I have been playing this game since alpha and I am in complete love! My friend has also been playing since then and we are so excited for new updates! Hope you enjoy! If you want to see more follow my twitch:
  11. GrayShadoz

    Arcade Mode Server Glitch [Crash] [Gameplay]

    My friend invited me (Frontline Beta) with the new invite a friend steam addition and i joined him. I typed in the password and selected my lvl 16 character (I think that character was lvl 16). My friend had made a new lvl 1 character for the arcade mode we were going to play. After we got in we...