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  1. The G-Meister

    Why people hide their pets

    On areas like the ferrets fight, you could even have them hop around a little, though that would seem like they aren't that interested in the action. Maybe if they could face the player at all times it would be like they're watching the action.
  2. The G-Meister

    Could we make the camera move faster for Phase Puzzles, Please?

    /togglegui if you want a temporary solution
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    Pre-Order Announcement and Q&A

    I honestly thought you asked if they have updated their game to Fortnite.
  4. The G-Meister

    Version 0.873a

    Trying to decipher the hidden message of the skill keybinds spelling "CASH" but I'm getting nowhere :oops:
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    A lot of gear isn't very interesting, when it should be.

    Movement really is important in SoG, and the addition of Blink helped that sooooo much, to the extent that it's practically mandatory on any build in the late game. I pick it up and soon as I can, as even spending the EP on it is worth it. But yeah, more movement options would be sick, I'd just...
  6. The G-Meister

    Lore speculations / discussion (spoiler alert!)

    The slimes are clearly there so the player doesn't have to go all the way back to pillar mountains in order to tame a slime pet with the apple they just got from Oak :P
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    Dragon Drawing in Mt. Bloom

    There's nothing there yet - you can 100% the current game without doing anything there.
  8. The G-Meister

    WHY!!?!?? (spoilers) (kinda long) (is a rant)

    Since when was SoG a happy game? It's been getting more and more serious since even the Fortress :P
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    Version 0.870a

    I'm on a boat! I'm on a boat! Everybody look at me Cause I'm sailing on a boat! Seriously though good work guys it's been great so far :D
  10. The G-Meister

    Visual, Spring stays after using commands to repeat Seasone's questline

    I think the /byenaniva command works, then go through a loading zone.
  11. The G-Meister

    Flamethrower gold charge and manaburn

    I think the devs idea behind talents is that they aren't supposed to be useful in every build. The build I run in arcade doesn't use manaburn because I often either dump my whole EP bar on the floor at once by spamming plants, or I'm using smash after some setup which doesn't get a buff from...
  12. The G-Meister

    [Arcade Mode] A Collection of Gameplay Issues and Suggested Solutions

    Also please join the discord and come chat with us - While the forums is great for long-form content like this, we like to have a laugh in Discord. It's semi-active (even during update droughts), and we occasionally play co-op at weekends. If you and your...
  13. The G-Meister

    On the early game solem

    Maybe only be able to kill it once. That'd make a nice one-off EXP boost for players who accept the challenge of killing it at a low level. Of course, make it respawn when the desert is actually available.
  14. The G-Meister

    Math Puzzle Error!!

    I think it's actually made a lot clearer from the fact that each time you make an operation, the output of that operation is now the new input. It's not like the numbers "4 + 2" sit there waiting for complete mathematical rigidity. You just get 6 left. In fact it simplifies the calculations a...
  15. The G-Meister

    The Game Is Progressing Too Quickly for 2H to Keep Up

    Lemme just drop a lil' boi of an idea in here before you all eat each other alive - by adding defence to the highest +ATK gear, you're basically putting a low cap on the damage melee players can take. A low cap that is different from one without gear. This essentially removes the gear people...
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    Pre-Order Announcement and Q&A

    The "Buy the devs a coffee" DLC is what you're looking for :D
  17. The G-Meister

    Almost 100%

    Equip the green book as a weapon and go hit some things :P
  18. The G-Meister

    Beta FAQ ~Ask your questions here~

    Not in story it hasn't. The same one is in the desert and seasonne
  19. The G-Meister

    Beta FAQ ~Ask your questions here~

    They aren't nude in an NSFW way if that's what you mean. They might be changed at a later date as I heard something about maybe getting them redrawn when Vilya was doing a bunch of other statue art. I may have misheard though, and having said that there's only three (?) in the game anyway...
  20. The G-Meister

    [Arcade] Resolving Problematic Temple of Seasons Synergy

    This is a balancing post. When I write them they're fairly long, so grab a sandwich and get stuck in. Oh and a disclaimer - I talk about mage and knight attacks a lot later, and sometimes I forget to add "season" to "attack" or "cast". Assume it's there where relevant. Why I think rooms...