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  1. Mightyena

    I totally haven't put this off at all...

    So, as you all have probably guessed, I play this game called Secrets of Grindea and other games. I'll probably lurk for the most part, but these forums aren't too active compared to my old now dead communities, so IDK what lurking is considered from the post rates I've seen. Things I've done...
  2. Mightyena

    First Impressions 2.0

    General impressions: I can say that this is turning out to be a better investment than Starbound has by a long shot, and I adore the crap out of that game too. It doesn't act like it can do everything and what it lacks in next gen graphics (which I can't run at a playable rate anyways, so I...
  3. Mightyena

    The Big MINOR VISUAL Bug Collection Thread

    Not sure if this is intentional or not, but the Masque overlays hair covering the chracters face when in reality, since it's a mask, it would go under. Did some MS paint to show what I mean. Edit: Did some looking around with other masks and got some similar results with hair overlap. Once...
  4. Mightyena

    MS Paint too op for me

    MS Paint too op for me
  5. Mightyena

    Custom Pixeling

    After a lot of snipping tool and MS Paint I got the male counterpart complete. Since I don't actually have the Bunny Ears, this proved to be difficult, but I got it done. Without further ado, I present; The Masquerade Part 2 At first I had trouble deciding on the hat, but as soon as I realised...
  6. Mightyena

    Custom Pixeling

    So, after completing all that story mode had to offer, and then going back and grinding out every lootable drop, craftable recipies, fishable fish, befriendable monster, battley arenas(?), and questable quests, I decided that my vanity wasn't up to snuff. So I decided that my best friend, MS...