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  1. Dgikmo

    [Crash?] Once updated, no longer able to launch game

    I ended up solving this myself, but it required me removing at least some of the files from %appdata%. Once I launched the game successfully, and then restored the files, the game continues to launch correctly. In other words, I have no idea.
  2. Dgikmo

    [Crash?] Once updated, no longer able to launch game

    This is probably mislabeled, because the application fails to even start. I'm using Steam, with the newest frontline version (0.572a). After downloading the update, I launched the game and my antivirus (Avast) performed what they call a DeepScreen on it, such that they were scanning it for any...
  3. Dgikmo

    [Gameplay] Jumpkins stays after boss Pumpking is defeated

    Frontline version. I was fighting Pumpking on floor 6, and upon killing him and receiving the room score, was killed by one of his Jumpkins before I could dispatch it. The game would continually respawn me, and I'd be killed by the Jumpkin all over again. Disappointed as I was, and lamenting...
  4. Dgikmo

    [Gameplay] Floors 7+8 incorrect spawn location

    On Floors 7 and 8 of Arcade Mode, if you enter certain rooms from above them, you will spawn in the center of the room as opposed to in the doorway. The room that I've noticed this for sure on is the regular, indoor rectangular room without the hole in the middle. EDIT: Frontline
  5. Dgikmo

    [Gameplay] Keybindings resetting

    When in Arcadia, if you have, for example, Bow set to 'F', and you select "End Run" from the menu, when you respawn again, the Bow will move to whatever the first skill-binding is (for me, 'V'). I haven't tested if this is the case when you "End Run" while in an actual floor, but it's a...
  6. Dgikmo

    [Gameplay] Diagonal run speed is higher?

    I feel like the question in point is whether or not it's a gamebreaking bug. Bug being the keyword. And you're right, dividing by sqrt(2) isn't a big issue anymore, but there's just no point. I guess I'll make this argument, then. Say you have a square, with side length 's'. Let's say you want...
  7. Dgikmo

    Me Beating Furious Giga Slime.

    I always thought the spins were at every 25% health.
  8. Dgikmo

    [Gameplay] Characters who die in Arcadia don't respawn

    If you manage to kill off a character in Arcadia (in this case via Bat Swarm), the other player won't respawn and you have to "End Run" to be able to start Arcade Mode, or otherwise do anything else. Minor "bug."
  9. Dgikmo

    [Visual][Gameplay] The BIG Out of Bounds & Clip Thread! Glitches

    Picture sums it up: Doesn't affect gameplay at all. Very, very, very slight bug.
  10. Dgikmo

    [Gameplay] Not dying on 0 HP

    That is true, I'm not sure that it's ever happened to the host in any game I've played in, only clients. I'll blame it on TCP/UDP
  11. Dgikmo

    [Gameplay] Diagonal run speed is higher?

    There's no way it's gamebreaking. In fact, I'd argue that they balanced the enemies around diagonal run being a higher speed, anyway. Success in this game is absolutely skill-based, and there's no arguing that avoiding projectiles well requires diagonal run being higher. Say they adjust run...
  12. Dgikmo

    [Gameplay] Not dying on 0 HP

    I've come across a glitch in Arcade Mode (untested in Story) where you can be alive with 0 hp. I'm not sure how it occurs, exactly. But once at 0 hp, it takes two more hits to be killed. At first I thought it was an integer rollover such that I was in the negatives and invincible, but sadly...
  13. Dgikmo

    [Gameplay] Diagonal run speed is higher?

    This is by no means a bug. If anything it's a feature. I almost have come to expect to move faster along diagonals in most games. It's just easier to implement, and doesn't seem detrimental to the game in general.
  14. Dgikmo

    Beta FAQ ~Ask your questions here~

    Point your computer to /%appdata%/Secrets of Grindea and there should be a file titled arcademode.sav. Kill it and your town goes away. At least, I think it does. I haven't confirmed it, but that's at least what my knowledge of computers tells me.
  15. Dgikmo

    [Crash] when Hosting

    I'll have him try this later!
  16. Dgikmo

    Damage Numbers

    I agree. It's not so bad for many skills, but when a combination of insect swarm and arrows is hitting an enemy it's actually impossible to see the enemy.
  17. Dgikmo

    Chicken Chaser

    The chickens will run directly away from wherever you are, for the duration of them running away. They don't just follow a straight line, unless you stop moving.
  18. Dgikmo

    Beta FAQ ~Ask your questions here~

    On a perfect block, Crystal Shield absorbs 1/4 the damage as opposed to 1/2 seen by other shields. That's why it has (much) lower ShieldHP than other shields.
  19. Dgikmo

    [Crash] when Hosting

    Yeah, but rabbys do.
  20. Dgikmo

    Arcade mode death/score screen

    I actually haven't tried to hit escape on that screen ever... honestly, that never even occurred to me. I just checked and it does work for escape, but I think it'd still like it on 'z'