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  1. asdarms

    Crash After Giga Slime Fight

    My game crashes after I collect the Slime Cube drop and go through the portal. I've played the game before and it worked fine then. I currently have Windows 10. When I played the game before, it was on a Windows 7 computer
  2. asdarms

    Gaben's power is unstoppable.

    Gaben's power is unstoppable.
  3. asdarms

    First Impressions 2.0

    General impressions: Was the game as a whole an enjoyable experience? If it was longer, would you continue playing? I think the whole game was extremely enjoyable, mainly learning about the story and the satisfaction of finally getting an item to drop. I'm just waiting to see what the 4th...
  4. asdarms

    Thoughts On The New "Effects"

    Hmm... I forgot about these (more just didn't notice them) but at least they're subtle and hard to spot.
  5. asdarms

    Thoughts On The New "Effects"

    The DevBlog has posted some gifs of some effects (flashbacks, time swap) and I have some thoughts about them. First off, I am aware that these are destined to change, and the reason I'm writing this is to maybe help with the decision process. My favorite part about this game is its aesthetic...
  6. asdarms

    A question!

    The Tai Ming content is currently being worked on, and not released yet. You can see their work so far here:
  7. asdarms

    Please Help! (Game Breaking Bug)

    Yeah, as soon I saw that under AppData, I knew it was the right place. I;m not used to Steam gammes keepping their files under there, so I was a little surprised to see it there.
  8. asdarms

    Please Help! (Game Breaking Bug)

    It worked! Thanks a lot for your help!
  9. asdarms

    Please Help! (Game Breaking Bug)

    Haven't tried that yet, thanks.
  10. asdarms

    Please Help! (Game Breaking Bug)

    I deleted local content multiple times over, and nothing happened. Also, I don't have a controller. #PCMasterRace
  11. asdarms

    Please Help! (Game Breaking Bug)

    [Resolved] I was very excited to get this game, and while I was waiting for some pending transactions, I saw that there was a demo. I downloaded the demo, played the game for about a minute, and then went back to the home screen to change some settings. I was slightly annoyed that there was no...