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  1. SuperShinyStar

    [Dutch] Idiomatic translation.

    Me trying to contribute by making a Dutch translation. If youd like to help out. Message me so we can get in touch. Items: Spells: Talents: Quests: Menu's: Tips: Notices: Npc Names: Enemy names: Area names: Dialogue:
  2. SuperShinyStar

    [gameplay] Blink skipping

    Thats probably because you bypass the trigger for the boss. I say probably because i dont know for certain if thats the case. But in other games if these things happen its usually because you bypass the trigger of the boss.
  3. SuperShinyStar

    Be Creative

    Be Creative
  4. SuperShinyStar

    [Dutch] (Idiomatic Translation) - Want to help?

    if you dont mind. id like to help out.
  5. SuperShinyStar

    The Ultimate Talent Suggestion Thread!!!

    Small ideas Leech Life: when hitting an enemy has an X% (more per level) chance to steal hp from said enemy. Pickpocket: when hitting an enemy has X% (more per level) chance to steal money/drops from said enemy. Concentrate: when hit by an enemy while casting. Cast wont be lost. Caster can...
  6. SuperShinyStar

    suggestion for area gimmicks

    personally, ive been full of ideas for areas. i dont know if you guys already have these ideas in mind. but im gonna post it anyway. -Water level, making the water level rise and drop like in the water temple in ocarine of time, seems like a fun idea to use. (even tho the water temple wasnt all...