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    Yes. A secret so DASTARDLY it would bring you nightmares for months. A secret only I know!
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    Version 0.680a

    Creative freedom helps. If it makes you feel better, the Goddess's Curse, right at the moment it is activated and the Priestess was turned to stone, allowed Quantum Entanglement to occur. Each placement of the player prior, during and after the spell's activation is part of the curse. Though, I...
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    Version 0.680a

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    Version 0.680a

    I believe some of the later dialogue describes Tai Ming as being cursed itself alongside the Priestess. Thus the zone is allowed to magically break some rules of time since time itself was being affected. The monkeys are both dead and alive in this cursed Tai Ming, and it is up to the player to...
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    Hey guys! I'm not necessarily 'new' at the game, but I figured why not make an account and join the feedback club! Back to hitting mushrooms for cards!