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    [SUGGESTION]: Make card collection account-wide

    I can't agree. You don't grind that hard in this game. Cards have the "fair randomness system" (the probability to drop them, increases with every mob killed). Also game has high replay value. If it's not for a story, you can replay game for trying out hard mode, or just different build. OR just...
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    fertilizers from quests

    okay, thanks!
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    fertilizers from quests

    hi I'm not sure, if I should even post this, because this is technically my fault, but... Well, let's start from the beginning. I love replaying this game, so I often delete a world file from the game, while I leave my character in Startington, to be able to play the game from the start with my...
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    Arcade Buff Statues

    True, personally I don't even bother using them in singleplayer. When I see the shrine, I just go back sad, that it wasn't a shady merchant/grindea's big statue. They are just working too short amount of time and I feel like it's just not worth my irl time to get this boost. When I play...
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    Getting 100 %

    for the southern one, did you get the quiver from archer for completing his minigame?
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    1 Hand weapon

    Don't worry, it's kinda late in the plot, at the desert.
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    Minor Ghost Ship Bugs

    also if you kill captain BEFORE he chops his head off (too quickly, too much dmg), he gets stuck and doesn't move at all. Fight doesn't end, there is no cutscene. I've done this with one of my op-in-attack pets.
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    Play time

    Only 428h :c But I never left the game overnight at least
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    The problem with pets.

    It's really not that hard. I grinded a lot of money, during collecting all cards (+ all other drops, seriously there were more cards than some of other rare drops), so I bought a lot of meals for my pet. Personally I think that speed is better (gives more fun) to invest into than dmg.
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    Marino+(Spoiler) unite bonus boss batle.

    OHMYGOSH YES That sounds so cool! I would love to see the fight with both of them as a special challenge. Maybe as an option on the Arena? I mean, we fight there with Vilya, so the whole arena is non-canon. Arena could have more fights like that, even without any new rewards. But more shadows...
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    How to unlock more bishop's nightmares?

    I've played arcade mode for quite a long time, I unlocked pretty everything (except for double S achievement rewards), but there's still one thing that I cannot unlock. These are Bishop's Nightmares. I have unlocked 3 of them, but the last two say "play more arcadia mode". My question is, how to...
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    Beta FAQ ~Ask your questions here~

    But what's wrong with the older one? For me a Goddess doesn't need an armor. Gods look better, when naked/barely dressed, because it shows, that they're so OP, that they don't need any armor.
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    References in Secrets of Grindea

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    Got you covered talent gives/states +4 seconds instead of +5

    Welp, I thought it was made that way to make sure it's not too OP. If that was the case, then there is only this bug with showing wrong value in the "Not bought" situation.
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    Version 0.820c

    1. I don't know why, but veggies aren't spawning, so I cannot get them as pet anymore (good thing, that I've got their card during bossfight) 2. Solem can shoot lasers through walls. It's not really fair.