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    Yet Another Let's Play

    This video is my 6th entree in the game, but I feel it's a good place to start. My first 4 had encoding errors as I figured out this LP deal. Plus it takes place after the world murder bug I suffered so it's interesting to look at that
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    [Gameplay] System Crashed, Game Restarted

    This happened in Save Slot 1. And I decided to run through with all this for shits and giggles. And I found that once I left Startington with the initial sword and shield, the rest of my collected weapons were back. The game had them locked away, I guess. But I'll keep that restore in mind...
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    [Gameplay] System Crashed, Game Restarted

    I just want this known...I had the game up, but was checking something online when my laptop crashed unexpectedl. I had just gotten out of the Pumpkin Woods when it happened. I turn the game back on and first noticed my percentage was a little lower than when I started it... IT PUT ME BACK...