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  1. hadig5

    The Ultimate Talent Suggestion Thread!!!

    1: Spellshield: You get granted a shiled for 5 (or x) seconds, you are immune to 1 ranged attack while the shield is active. shield is activate when ep is less than x%. 2: Lifesteal: Gain x% health back for every arrow that hits the enemy. (Making arrows more useful)
  2. hadig5

    Your own house

    I liked the idea of expanding an own area for your self! Sounds fun. Would be really fun with a broad house customization system! Yet, as said by Own, they are already working with the "house" system. So maybe this idea could be a further update for the house after the game is finished. (I think...
  3. hadig5

    [Gameplay] Snow Place Bug, getting to unavailable place

    Haha Yeti's are so powerful they could brake out of the bounds. GG :p
  4. hadig5

    Port Forwarding, Firewall and Hamachi Guides

    Its easier to port forward and connect thorugh the main IP when ur playing lan. It shouldnt be so hard.
  5. hadig5

    [Gameplay] Missing Collision Detection after Cutscene

    After Marino stole the artifact and ran past us, we tried to enter the HQ but suddenly we were able to walk past the door, up to the roof. When we walked a little down to where the door is place we were able to go in. When we went out again and tried to see if it was still there, it wasn't.
  6. hadig5

    Whats taking so long for updates?

    Did I ever mention that im rushing them or blaming them for something? But as I bought the game im totally allowed to ask if there is any trouble with the updates or if there is any delay taking so long. (When I bought the game it said that the frontline should be updated approx every 2 weeks...
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    Pet Skills

    Me like
  8. hadig5

    Whats taking so long for updates?

    Thx for the reply, cant wait.. Glad there's no serios delay :)
  9. hadig5

    Whats taking so long for updates?

    Niether the frontline nor the stable beta have been updated for around 1 month now, if not more? Waddup?
  10. hadig5


    I believe there will be PVP..
  11. hadig5

    Pre-Order Announcement and Q&A

    Why dont u buy the game?
  12. hadig5

    How to add support for glyph heavy languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc)

    Is that the only way to get it working? Is there another program that might work win 8?
  13. hadig5

    How to add support for glyph heavy languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc)

    When I tried to install XNA Game Studio 4.0, it told me that it doesn't work for windows 8.
  14. hadig5

    [Gameplay] Pausing the game while in pet menu

    ^^ Haha hes got a point, how da fuck do we wear our items when the game is paused?
  15. hadig5

    Least Favorite enemy (Non boss)?

  16. hadig5

    [Arcade Mode] Essence?

    Wierd, im pretty damn sure I get much more when I play with other ppl. I pref the arcade mode solo but every time I need some essence I play with my sis and bro XD
  17. hadig5

    [Arcade Mode] Essence?

    I also seem to be getting more essences when im playing with others, its like if the ratio of the esscence drop gets much higher.