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  1. Supreme Cocktus Leader

    [**MORE** UPDATED] [SUGGESTIONS] Bow Improvements

    Add the Bow Pins to Story Mode as Equipment-based Effects As anyone who has played Arcade Mode as of the date of posting surely knows, utilising the new pins system, the bow has recieved various interesting boosts to it's utility and effectiveness. However, in story mode, the more popular of...
  2. Supreme Cocktus Leader

    The Game Is Progressing Too Quickly for 2H to Keep Up

    Could I get a short 300 word TL;DR, please?
  3. Supreme Cocktus Leader

    Fishing Improvements

    For quite a while now, fishing has been nothing more than a time-sink during 100% completion and an occasional occurrence during arcade which offers some benefits, but not that many. I have a few ideas that could be implemented so as to increase the luster of fishing. Fishing Weapon Class So we...
  4. Supreme Cocktus Leader

    Arcade Rework - Full Roguelite edition

    How very MLG like, arguing about the meta
  5. Supreme Cocktus Leader

    Arcade Rework - Full Roguelite edition

    So, on the floor size thing: I support the idea of less, but much more fleshed out (in a different sense than a certain Isaac floor, by the way) floors. It's not really a time thing for me, though. I just feel like it'd flow a lot nicer having an optional boss who'll be guaranteed to give a...