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  1. Mist

    Hitboxes? [SPOILERS]

    I realized something that makes the game easier in the platforming parts: -In the toy factory, on the converyer belt, it is possible to hug the backwall. If make that no "gifts" or "bombs" will block you. (The bomb's blast and freezing rays will still hit you.) -In the shroom caverns in the gaz...
  2. Mist

    Installing & sharing translations

    The link "this guide" is dead :x
  3. Mist

    [bug] One handed (Only on multyplayer)

    I experienced something about the dash ability offered by the one handed role. After using that dash, sometimes (not 100% of the time, about once every 3 activations) your caracter freezes in the "dahsing' sprite, at every rank I tested so far (no charge, bronze and silver charge). Once your...
  4. Mist

    Just arrived. I'm french :D

    Just arrived. I'm french :D