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  1. Spiff

    [Visual/Text] Remedi quest typo error

    Sorry I'll add it to the appropriate thread. Thread to close / delete
  2. Spiff

    [Visual/Text] Remedi quest typo error

    Hi, didn't have the time to get a screen shot but when playing Remedi's quest to protect him while he collects samples in pumpkin woods there is a typo error in one of the dialog. Remedi says: "It'lll make me so much famous" (with 3 l). Not a big issue, but it still has to be mentioned...
  3. Spiff

    How to check the gender

    Hi, I thought I created a male character but all dialog in game are referring to me as "she/her". Most probably I must have made a mistake during the character creation procedure but I cannot see where I can check my character gender. Does anybody knows that? the info seems to be missing from...
  4. Spiff

    Dev progress

    Thx for the reply :) As I said I wasn't expecting a release date but more something like "we've roughly done 75% of what we wanted to do". You partially answered my question on the dunjon topic: I'll go back to the forum for my suggestions ps: I'm a dev myself, not in video game but I can...
  5. Spiff

    Dev progress

    Hi, I know the game is still in beta and in EA on steam but I think it could be a good thing that de dev team gives us some sort of completion ratio. I searched the info without success on the forum but maybe I missed it. It would of course be only informational but I'd like to know more on...
  6. Spiff

    Hello Guys

    Hi there, I bought the game last week after trying the demo. Starting to collect some feedbacks to help the dev team :) I'll try to read a bit the already existing suggestions/bug reports to avoid the double posts... cheers