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  1. KalmTraveler

    [German] - sign in for the german translation team :D

    Danke für dein Feedback, jedoch bin ich mir nicht sicher was du bereits gelesen hast. Alle Mitglieder des Teams geben ihr bestes und bis jetzt sind wir mit dem fortschrit sehr zufrieden. Natürlich kann man nicht alles Wort für Wort übersetzen, oft ist dies aber einfach am besten. Wortwitze kann...
  2. KalmTraveler


    Gratz for lvl up! :D
  3. KalmTraveler

    [German] - sign in for the german translation team :D

    guess its okay as long you give credit...
  4. KalmTraveler


    This is the desciption of Evergrind City. I believe "center piece" should be put together.
  5. KalmTraveler

    [German] - sign in for the german translation team :D

    That sounds.... A....WESOME! :D
  6. KalmTraveler

    [German] - sign in for the german translation team :D

    Greetings fellow grinders, We all love this game and "soon" we have the chance to help the DEV-Team out with Translating the game into german. So i thought before everyone does some solo action we may gather and build a small team of people sitting in an skype call to translate the game...
  7. KalmTraveler

    Favorite Grindea Cheats

    /skillz :D
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    lets get a bit more organized: German Translation Team Thread
  9. KalmTraveler


    +1 becouse more options are always great, but i guess there are way more important things now.
  10. KalmTraveler

    How to get the jumpkin pet?

    Yea its a Quest Reward. But yea, glad we could help :D
  11. KalmTraveler

    How to get the jumpkin pet? Do you have the Candy Cane? if YES Look for an Jumpkin go in front of it. In your menu select Candy Cane and use it. Now the Quick Event for Taming should Popup and if you success the Jumpkin is yours.
  12. KalmTraveler

    Barrel Shield

    Lol i didnt notice that xD but i guess its a gj hehe. MY pet is Offering me +4% Health +All Cards and LvL 16 (No HP Gear) =666 :D
  13. KalmTraveler

    Barrel Shield

  14. KalmTraveler

    I was a bad beta tester

    If there is an tool for translating you can count me in :)
  15. KalmTraveler

    [hanging]Switch hosts bug

    I guess you missundertood something here, this is the bug submission sub forum. Means this is an Bug that got submited, not a kind of guide or something like that. If you need help with something write me a pm pls so i can help you, not spaming the bug submision forum. Best wishes, KalmTraveler
  16. KalmTraveler

    [Visual] Items Appear on Title Screen

    Version 0.56h (Stable) As you can see for some reason i see an Arrow near the Options menu. Idk how it came here but i am really sure there was an Arrow on the same position ingame before i loged out.
  17. KalmTraveler

    [visual][Story] Insect Swarm Silver Displays only 1 Insect

    This is an full silver charge insect swarm. When the Bug dies, it switches to its normal Silver Charge form but till then it only displays 1 NC Insect. Also casting a SC Insect Swarm into nirvana it only displays only 1 Insect, when they Aggro an Monster, animation switches to correct form.
  18. KalmTraveler

    Live Streaming Secrets of Grindea Mirror Room [Online]

    for me its too late, but maybe next time :D
  19. KalmTraveler

    Arcade Red Slime King Knowledge Collection.

    @Eriktion, Yes. But! The problem here is that the King Slime is on an Too low Floor. So if you skill 1 point in that charge (Which does not negate slow, just makes you stuck bit less) you cant Silvercharge another DMG skill for example. Which means you dont do enough DMG -> Fight Takes Ages ->...