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    Version 0.599d

    woo, arcade changes. I'm a big arcade player (200 hours clocked on steam, and 90% of what I play is arcade) I'm a little sad about the difficulty being turned down, but at least for now it seems harder overall than it was before, so that's good. I did two runs and failed at the christmas...
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    Arcade mode build(s)

    Finally got through all 8 floors. I took the wand, 2h, and shield perks. Took fireball level 2, whirlwind level 3, and insect swarm up to silver, then skilled insect swarm and fireball. Switched between 2h and wand according to situation. I've been getting to floor 7/8 pretty consistently with...
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    My suggestions

    The objective in changing the RNG method is, i assume, not to make it easier to get cards, but to eliminate the very fringe cases where people spend much longer than average looking for a drop.
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    My suggestions

    RNG WoW leverages drop chances in raids based on previous failures, I believe, and you might also be less likely to receive loot from bosses that has already been dropped from you before. As phoenix said, LoL also uses a weighted algorithm for determining crits. Lots of games use similar...
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    It's an open beta, the advantage beta testers have on release to new players is comparable to the advantage players who bought the game on release will have to players who buy the game a year later. Some friends I was playing with were asking about a respec option. They didn't like the skills...
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    Clarity in Game Mechanics

    @phoenix: Yeah, that was the first thing that made me curious, the apparent non-existence of scaling on a per-level basis. @GoodStuff: It wasn't until I played a couple characters through story mode and sunk a few hours into arcade that the specifics of the stats started interesting me. I've...
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    Turning Around While Shielding

    I've felt frustrated when I felt like i reacted in time to block an enemy but didn't succeed, but I'm using the default PC controls. I'm hoping it will feel more satisfying when I use a controller.
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    Clarity in Game Mechanics

    It's unclear what different stats do. ATK increasing weapon damage, MATK skill damage, and DEF damage mitigation is clear enough, but I can't find the specifics anywhere. Do combat skills scale off ATK rather than MATK? How many points of damage in a spell do I get per point of MATK? How much...
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    Shield Slot Alternative for Magic Builds

    I like the idea of adding shields that help certain archetypes specifically, but I really like the perfect guard mechanic and wouldn't like to see the game move away from it. A shield that has a below par shield health but raises your energy regen while raised, or perhaps when attacks are...
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    Arcade mode build(s)

    The build i'm using right now is ->rock pillar ->fireball ->insect swarm ->level insect swarm until silver ->spend silver points on insect swarm, bronze points on rock pillar I've experimented with some other stuff too, mostly magic but i liked berserker stance and whirlwind slash a lot. I...