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  1. Garglius

    Custom Quest Ideas

    Hey guys! I"ve been gone for quite a while, but I was the first to contribute to the Master Collector tier of the game, which grants me the ability to work with the devs in order to add a side-quest to the game. I have some ideas, which I will post here, and I am hoping to get some feedback...
  2. Garglius

    Back to what I used to do best! Arcade mode Bug!

    Small bug, but I've been playing quite a bit more of arcade mode than story mode since I've been back and this is something that I've realised: When you kill the Green Slime Boss, you don't get any xp. Probably something because it's a story-mode/event monster, but in Arcade mode, that extra...
  3. Garglius

    I'm back!

    Hey guys! It's been a while, and alot has gone on in my life, but I am back and playing the game! Hopefully its not too late to get the developers to work out a quest idea with me that I could implement into the game. I'll be quite a bit more active from now on! I'm excited to be back!
  4. Garglius

    The house you can't get into

    To get to the snow world, myself and sifl have added to the game that when you hold F1 you can walk over anything. As for mount bloom, we made it so that when we type /warp it brings us there
  5. Garglius

    Play with the Master Collector?

    As most of you know, I tend to run self-modified versions of the game (in order to explore and such) but I've decided to hold back until a major content update, so my game is currently running the frontline version that is up to date. So if anyone wants to chill/play with me/just chat it up...
  6. Garglius

    Least Favorite enemy (Non boss)?

    Its is allowed, though people such as myself and Sifl who have accessed the code and reworked it, tend not to share our modified versions of the game. Best I can suggest is to learn C# and hex editing and work from there to edit your game/savefiles
  7. Garglius

    Favorite Grindea Cheats

    Check a few of my older posts, Ive pretty much been everywhere that's currently ingame
  8. Garglius

    [Visual] Frontline - Perk Window Stays Open

    While in multiplayer Arcade my friend (Sifl) had his perk window open when I closed the session. He joined single player and it was still open when he started playing.
  9. Garglius

    what is it

    Yeah, called Slime hammer.
  10. Garglius

    [Gameplay] Can't aim without aim circle

    It has most likely been noted and they will look into fixing it with the next patch
  11. Garglius

    [Visual] Frontline - Amulet on Display though not handed it yet

    still, it shouldn't be, story-wise, until we've actually handed it in
  12. Garglius

    [Visual] Frontline - Amulet on Display though not handed it yet

    The quest is not yet completeable (as it is the end of the current beta) though the amulet shows up in the collector's hall.
  13. Garglius

    Garglius the Explorer Strikes Again [Spoilers]

    Covered up the music with free music supplied by Youtube and re-embedded the video =)
  14. Garglius

    Garglius the Explorer Strikes Again [Spoilers]

    They will most likely come once they put stuff in. there aren't even decorations as of yet
  15. Garglius

    Garglius the Explorer Strikes Again [Spoilers]

    This. We play around, but there's obviously very little content to be seen at the moment.
  16. Garglius

    Garglius the Explorer Strikes Again [Spoilers]

    Many thanks to my friend Sifl for his coding expertise, this took a bit more work than my previous adventures. I present to you:
  17. Garglius

    The face of your Master Collector

    Incase anyone wants to put a face to my name
  18. Garglius

    (Spoilers) Another Sunday playing with code

    They are the 'final charges, (after all 15 points are put in), of fireball and ice nova. And I won't be sharing my save files, as there isnt much anything to do in the snow level at the moment, and the spells could be abused for excessive farming at this moment, also since I've modified the...
  19. Garglius

    (Spoilers) Another Sunday playing with code

    was meant to be in general discussion if Teddy could move it <3