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  1. Lostyy

    Crit Damage vs Crit Chance, first impressions.

    I skimmed over this at first, but then actually read it. I feel ya, not a lot of games focus a bunch on critical damage, so it'd be nice.
  2. Lostyy

    Aura skills?

    I support.
  3. Lostyy

    Fold or Crunch

    Toilet paper. I fold, I've had a large amount of posts lately, actually 3 isn't that much. Whatever.
  4. Lostyy


    Erm, hello. I like games. I'm not very interesting. I have a passion for games such as these. Damn, I can't really extend this, huh? ... snort
  5. Lostyy

    8,000-10,000 SoG owners on Steam, according to SteamSpy.

    Well, that's a surprise. JUST KIDDING.
  6. Lostyy

    Bees are legitimately the worst thing ever.

    Bees are legitimately the worst thing ever.