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  1. viRo369

    Happy Holidays :-)

    Wish you all happy holidays and for some people merry christmas :)
  2. viRo369

    I keep disconnecting on multiplayer with my brother

    Wich Antivirus software are you using? Host/Client: Turn off while you are playing; Antivirus Firewall or add Secrets of Grindea to the "whitelist" Who is the Host? (Guess your friend?) Had you tried to switch between you and your mate? I think in this case, it has something to do with your...
  3. viRo369

    [crash] game crashed before I can start

    Windows Up to date? All hardware drivers Up to date? If you are able to answer all questions above with yes. Try this: Solution (1) Deinstall: "Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0" Install "CCleaner" (URL: Run Cleaner & Registry error finder...
  4. viRo369

    [Question?][Gameplay] Card Drop while Coop v.frontline

    Hey Vilya, thanks a lot for your fast anwser/reaction :) P.S. keep going this awesome work. love you guys! :)
  5. viRo369

    [Question?][Gameplay] Card Drop while Coop v.frontline

    Hi, situation: One friend and I grinding for one card. I got the first drop, "picked" the card. To the question. After I got the card, is it still possilbe that mobs wich I kill drop one card? Is it possible that I pick it up by mistake? best regards Meteora
  6. viRo369

    Version: 0.580d

    Last Update: Frontline Version: 0.580d Teddy, Aug 18, 2014 Since 4 months no more Updates? :*(
  7. viRo369

    Looking for (German Speaking) Players
  8. viRo369

    Play with the Master Collector?
  9. viRo369

    [Gameplay] Not dying on 0 HP

    Story Mode, happend few time (10hours playtime) in 3-Coop:
  10. viRo369

    [Gameplay] Not dying on 0 HP

    Agree with that Bug:
  11. viRo369

    the opportunity to "sit" ingame

    Yap - graphically like in Ragnarok. Sometimes you just sit down and talk :) Sounds kind of stupid, but I guess that more then 1 person would agree with that. Just an idea :)
  12. viRo369

    [Gameplay] Story 4 Players Coop "Exam Fishing"

    Okay - "Fixed" ; Ever person only allowed to fish 1 fish. Not more.
  13. viRo369

    the opportunity to "sit" ingame

    The opportunity to "sit" ingame, would be a great feature :-) <3
  14. viRo369

    Looking for Players

    Just write me an steam profile comment (Secrets of Grindea #Play) and add me via Steam:
  15. viRo369

    [Gameplay] Story 4 Players Coop "Exam Fishing"

    No Screenshot and sorry for my bad english. The first time you ever fish while your exam in story mode. After the fishing with 4 players, we all 4 had the message "waiting for other player", but all were finished with the quest. No one could move or do anything. Only I got a message from NPC...