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    Version 0.601a

    Heavy bug found: When playing Arcade Multiplayer, when charging the Flamethrower the game crashes immediately on release. Happens every time, doesn't matter who is the host and who is the client. Not sure yet if it happens for other spells as well. Pls fix :( Edit 1: Doesn't happen with...
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    Steam Broadcasting Not Working

    Just as a note, this is still not working for me :(
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    Version 0.599g

    Yeey, I'm on the 2p and 3p highscore board :D Nice update! One more bug I just saw: In the winter challenges where frost comes from different sides, only the host could see the frost and the other players not.
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    [Gameplay] Multiplayer Arcade Experience out-of-sync

    Yes, pretty much. Happens with 2 or 3 players and also when I host or when a friend hosts. Using Insect Swarm, Cloud, Protect and/or Haste. Protect and/or Haste are only skilled by one member.
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    [Gameplay] Arcade Winterland spells drift to right

    In the Winterland, the cloud was not on-screen (even when recasted) and insect swarm always flew quite fast to the far right of the screen and did not attack anything. Happened for both players during an Arcade game. First time I saw this.
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    [Gameplay] Multiplayer Arcade Experience out-of-sync

    It seems that the host of a multiplayer arcade game always gets more XP than the other players. Possibly only the host gets experience when doing challenges? Didn't happen before the last patch.
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    Arcade: Endless loading for one person when 3 ppl

    Sometimes when playing Arcade mode with 3 players after switching to a new floor, one player (never the host) sees all three as "loaded" but it doesn't continue. The other two see him as "not loaded" and the game cannot continue until the one who's game seems broken leaves the game.
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    Steam Broadcasting Not Working

    Are you having a look at this? Would be great to show to friends :)
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    Version 0.599d

    Thank you so far! Just played arcade and came to level 12 when it suddenly crashed :( I do have two events which might help (in German but I'm sure you get the important parts). Seems like a missing asset: Anwendung: Secrets Of Grindea.exe Frameworkversion: v4.0.30319 Beschreibung: Der Prozess...
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    Version 0.599c

    The fix fixed those problems for us, thanks :)
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    Version 0.599c

    Following scenarios did we try: Me: Host, Insect Swarm/Cloud/Frosty Friend Friend1: Drop-In, Insect Swarm/Cloud/Frosty Friend OR Fireball OR Whirlwind/Protect Friend1: Host, Fireball Me: Drop-In, Insect Swarm/Cloud/Frosty Friend Friend1: Host, Fireball Friend2: Drop-In, Insect...
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    Version 0.599c

    Several new bugs appeared in the new version, all during coop arcade mode: Slime on the ground (all, red, green, boss) is mostly not shown except for the host Roots casted are mostly not shown (except for the host) During fishing, a fishing icon is sometimes always shown and a 2nd one shown...