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    Upgrading my game package on Steam

    How would I go about upgrading my game package if I already have the game on Steam?
  2. K

    ...That better be a crap tonne of Essence

    I don't think this would be the first place potential buyers would look, personally speaking. Rather the Steam forums.
  3. K

    Steam Usernames and Steam Group

    Steam ID: [KG] Dolyak
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    Seasoned ARPG/Roguelite player here saying hi :D

    o/ *waves* Name's Kek, but I go on steam by the name of [KG] Dolyak. Played D2, D3, PoE and Grim Dawn all on hardcore and reached endgame (~85ish on D2 as a Fishymancer/trapsin build, GR65 on D3 Season 4 Hardcore, 50-55ish in Nemesis league on PoE, level 60 and currently farming on Grim Dawn...