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    Playing Co-op for the first time

    I bought this game awhile ago, and never really understood how to play online. Well last night I got to play this game for the first time online, with 3-4 people. First we did Arcade mode with 4 players. It's a blast, but WAAAY harder than single player. Then we did Story mode 3 player..This...
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    Elite monsters?

    Freshsheet, would you like to play online? arcade mode?
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    Just got it!

    Well, Steam.
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    Just got it!

    I will play online with you! :) You got a messagner program?
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    Just got pre-order

    Yeah I joined that, but it seems the bored is really dead.
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    Just got pre-order

    Just got the game, Single player was short but fun, wanting to play Arcade mode on Co-op. Any takers? My steam name is "Asbellhart"