1. samy1204

    Almost 100%

    Hello :) I have one only thing to craft for the 100% but i don't know how to get the second object of this picture for craft a one-hand magic weapon. I know that is the second object but i talked to everyone in the map, i did all missions for each place and i get all object drop by monster and i...
  2. Kotaro

    Almost at 100%, I miss just ONE thing ! please help me :) (spoiler)

    SPOILER ALERT Okay so, I just missed one chest on mount bloom... It's the last chest on the phasing mini-game, I really don't know how I can get it and I really need your help... This is a screenchot from the place thanks for your help ! (I hide my wapon and shield just in case XD)
  3. MarbleCake

    At 98% progress --> Help me troubleshoot what I'm missing! :)

    Recently stumbled onto this game on steam and fell completely in love within minutes, ended up gifting it to about half a dozen friends as well. At the point where I'm trying to finish everything currently in the game on a story mode file. I'd thought I'd done absolutely everything but the 98%...
  4. WalceDony

    Have you got 100%? (Poll)

    Because I just got 100% I figured I'd make a poll to see who else has too ;)