1. M

    Double Update!, Updates Caught Up

    anyone knows why this keeps popping up in the chat?
  2. B

    I am stuck, is it a bug or I am missing something? (spoiler 0.873d)

    it seems that is the way but I can't go there

    Temple of Seasons Hydra Skip

    I’m not sure if it’s intended but if you have the blink skill, you can walk to the tile before the season hydra(s) fight flags to start then blink up the stairs and skip the boss entirely
  4. Adventurer Lika

    Throw Skill Bug???

    It seems if you hold the button to retrieve your weapon but are attacked while doing so, the weapon gets stuck in the ground and only gets fixed after leaving the zone. https://gyazo.com/d1ea079624378664fd6ad4b0cf250517
  5. MrChocodemon

    [Bug?] 10% completion on a new profile

    I just started a new character and just made my way to Evergrind City, not even started the collectors exam and I have already 10% completion. I'm not sure if this is a bug.