1. K

    Invincible Enemy [Arcade]

    In an arcade run I eventually got to a room where one enemy was unable to be target or even hit. All my spells and attacks pass through it without dealing any damage, and my summon would not target it. The enemy could still attack and even damage me. As far as I am aware there was nothing...
  2. F

    Spectral Party bug

    My friends and I have done all the ghosts in the ship, yet we still have the quest. I believe to reproduce the issue you must move the janitor (skull) to the ball room before talking to Mixe (before we even knew about the quest), which results in this locked quest.
  3. P

    [GAMEPLAY] the big eye boos on the ship won't appear.

    Hi, I was playing the game yesterday and encountered the big eye boss in the ship after the phase puzzle. Thing is after having some difficulties with the boss and loosing three times I quit the game, and did my homework. When I returned to the game today the big eye guy wouldn't respawn no...
  4. M

    Entrance blockage

    So a recent bug I found was, when teleporting from the room just before the Elder Winter boss battle in the Temple of Seasons, in the room you fight Autumn and Summer, the shops in Evergrind city wouldn't let me enter, and when I went into my own house, it wouldn't let me leave, and I had to...
  5. M

    [Gameplay] Getting stuck in different times in Tai Ming in Multiplayer

    Hi! I found this bug today while i was playing StoryMode on Multiplayer with one friend. We both are on stable. I also tried to look through the forums to see if anyone else had reported this and didn't find any. Here's the bug: I was just beginning to explore Tai Ming with a friend but after...
  6. M

    [Gameplay] Can't ressurrect friend (host) in co-op after using bow

    When playing co-op with my friend (which hosts the games) we enjoy using the BOW to deal some extra dmg. Sometimes I can't ress him because for him, my bow is still drawn after recently (last performed action) using it in combat. The ress meter reaches max for me but fails. I then have to...
  7. D

    bugs? yeah I found bugs

    --- first: arcade shop bought the white carrot the item didn't come to me I died in boss used the item to try again the floor go to the shop white carrot: own -1 ---second: farming in desert my game turn in speed mode everything was 10x more quick i was the sonic XD ---third: arcade 8th floor...
  8. H

    Bug: Can't complete "A Frozen Fairytale" after beating boss and obtaining the gauntlet

    Hello, Me and my friend just beat the boss and obtained the gauntlet. Our quest text changed to "Return the artifact to your father" but he won't talk to us. When we talk to him it just says his generic lines and nothing about the quest. There's also no exclamation mark above him. Something...
  9. Zer0_Tactics

    Solem Cutscene Glitch

    Hey there, so this is my first post on THIS account b/c I forgot the info to my old one, but either way. I've been playing the new frontline patch and I've been fascinated by the Solem eye laser thing, and wanted to test if there are any bugs with it. Lo and Behold, I found one. Basically...
  10. Victor Toon


    So, guys, I found out this bug: I was on the third map on Finder's mission and I couldn't find where was the treasure. So, I came back to the second treasure location and the X was still on the floor. I excavated the same spot and completed the third mission, so, you can, apparentely complete...
  11. The Arik

    Some bug feedback from a chinese player [CLOSED]

    ①It's a Bought genuine's Windows 7 user!He once played the Demo Version, but now he can't open the Full Version! Whether he's reloading the game or using steam to verify file integrity, he can't open it and will pop up a box that triggers the bug.
  12. S

    False Piracy Notice

    I after reinstalling secrets of grindea on my new computer have noticed some odd messages in the loading screens saying I pirated the game this is wrong, I have proof otherwise as my steam page which is under the same name as my forums account though I will post it in the post script of this...
  13. S

    Arcade mode final boss multiplayer crash

    Was on final stage of mimic fight in arcade. I died and my friend was dodging the missiles (also giga slime was spawning slime everywhere) that fire when the final mimic stage dies when suddenly my game crashed. Got the crash report : Error: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of...
  14. D


    Hello ive been playing this game Co-op with a friend and after a certain point i cant say for certain when (i think it may have been at the Hydras) but suddenly my potions would not work, my character would do the animation of drinking the potions but the effect would not take place, this was...
  15. A

    [Gameplay] [Arcade mode] Respawned as a ghost

    I died from the ice wind in the fight with Winter. The time crystal activated and I heard the death sound twice. I ended up spawning at the starting room as a ghost. I could move around and use actions, but couldn't go to another room. There was no "End run" option, only "Save and quit". And the...
  16. Ecodot

    Multiplayer bug: Player stuck outside of mimic boss fight

    When two players spawn in the mimic boss fight room and one of the players just stay still and the other one activates the mimic, then the other player will be locked outside of the room (The game spawn fences and the other player gets stuck behind them).
  17. ChronyxFFS

    [Arcade Mode] [Gameplay] Vilya Boss Fight Second Mnt Bloom Floor

    Killed the second floor boss in Mnt Bloom in Arcade Mode today but when Vilya reached 0 HP she just sits there now, Jerry and Terry are both still alive (see screenshot) and both of the gates stay closed. Eventually had to end run sadly enough because nothing happened at all. This happened...
  18. Nicolasnko

    Game crashes in Arcade Mode

    I try to go on Arcade Mode>Loading>Crash. I already try to repair the archives in steam,try to uninstall game and re-instal it still didn't work,The history mode is working ok tho.HELP ME PLZ IM DYING TO SEE THE NEW THINGS
  19. T

    [Visual] [Arcade] Card denies Quicklevel

    So, you complete a room, and you grab a card at the same time while solo running. You move on, then notice when you "Level Up" that you have 2 Levels to spend. I was confused why for a while now, but Today, I have found the Bug origin with a friend. I noticed they got a Level Up above their...
  20. T

    [Gameplay] [Arcade] Archery Potion favors Host

    While playing Arcade, I finally decided to grab the Archery Potion for a Run. Found this bug. I drank the potion in multiplayer as the second man, yet no arrows dropped, the effect still played. This is the Pre-Run Potion Test. All arrows shot first, Friend drank an Archery potion before...