1. CataclysmG

    [Bug] Sequence breaking through out of bounds in Tai Ming

    Alright, I've been playing for about 6 or 7 hours straight now and I've (un)fortunately hit a bug. In the present of Tai Ming, you can find the entrance to the place where artifacts are kept (forgot the name because I'm a genius) and you're supposed to walk up and interact with it to progress...
  2. O

    Home Bug: When visited by friend, they cannot pass certain areas, due to size changes made.

    I'll link two screenshots rather than explaining, as they do everything for you. The above is me, within my house. This is the view of the person visiting me. That is issue one. Issue two, being that the visitor is seeing "phantom rooms" by which I mean, previous layouts that I have since...
  3. MaxDamage

    Old support skills carry!

    the old skills carry over in the hotbar but are reduced to LV 0, casting them causes nothing but sound effects to happen, but it is quite confusing... unfortuantly im having trouble with screenshots / print screen on the game... another bug maybe?
  4. L

    Taming a pet bug

    So I wanted to tame a pet so I got the item and used it. All the buttons worked correctly except for the shield. This is most likely because I use a xbox 360 controller and changed the shield from the Y button to the A button. It did work correctly when I changed it back, but I prefer to have...
  5. C

    Housing Door Problem

    So when I try to add new rooms to my house the door is always highlighted red, to indicate I can't place it. I cleared the whole floor but it still would not work. Does anyone have any advice for how to fix this?
  6. Kahara

    [Audio] No game play sound

    Installed a driver for an Xbox 360 adapter for the PC but now I have no sound.
  7. Super kami guru dende

    [Visual] Batswarm...

    When /batswarm is done and the bats are on screen, if the player interacts with... the timebubbles/backflash spheres? things the bats freeze on top the cutscene and after you skip the cutscene they freeze completely.
  8. Super kami guru dende

    [Visual] Monkeys look slowed

    After beating up monkeys in Tai Ming, I noticed that when they run away in low HP, sometimes they look like they were just hit by an ice attack and slowed. But they still move at regular speed. I think it has something to do with the fact that i have the Winters guard shield equipped.
  9. N

    game can't open [solved]

    If you're on Windows 8 or 10; 1 - On your keyboard, press "Windows Key + X" 2 - You should see a menu 3 - Click on "Command Prompt (Admin)" 4 - In the window that popped out, type in there "/sfc scannow" without the "" 5 - Wait for the process to finish 6 - Restart your PC If you're on Windows...
  10. MrChocodemon

    [Suggestion] [Housing] Orb of Seasons - Grey is boring

    I think you propably know but the orb of seasons is missing 1 color and items change design befor being completely washed over. EDIT: @TripDering and @res7less are propably right and this is intended behaviour. So I'd like to suggest that the grey should be changed to something different...
  11. MrChocodemon

    [Gameplay] Mushrooms jump through wall and float in the air

  12. MrChocodemon

    [Gameplay][Visual] You can walk between pushable crates - Tai Ming

  13. K

    [Gameplay] Second Wind multiplayer EP regen bug

    In multiplayer, the EP gained from Second Wind pauses the normal EP regen as though you had just cast a spell. This is a major bug that completely prevents me from using my weapon in multiplayer because it cuts my total EP income by about 90%. In single player, Second Wind works as expected...
  14. GreyH3

    [Crash] Randomly crashing in co-op

    My girlfriend and I have been playing for a year now and play through every update as they come by. Just this latest patch, she started crashing after about 5 minutes+ of playtime. We are playing through Steam and all we've done so far is log in and fish. We've both verified our game and it's...
  15. MrChocodemon

    [Visual] Background missing for standard weapons

    As seen in the picture.
  16. MrChocodemon

    [Gameplay] Some NPCs won't turn their head while talking

    Some NPCs won't turn their head while talking Very rude. I'm here to shame them. When - On the way to the collectors exam (I feel like have reported this befor, but I couldn't find it. Don't hate me if I double posted this)
  17. MrChocodemon

    [Bug?] 10% completion on a new profile

    I just started a new character and just made my way to Evergrind City, not even started the collectors exam and I have already 10% completion. I'm not sure if this is a bug.
  18. Captain Sparky

    [Gameplay] Severe Lag in Poison Gas Maze

    Hi, so I downloaded the new update that was uploaded today and got to the Tai Ming area, and when I entered a specific part of the poison gas maze, I was overwhelmed by a severe drop in frame rate and was barely able to position my character in the correct spot most of the time, preventing me...
  19. Dragonsdale

    Future Tai Ming Collectors HQ Bugs!

    [GAMEPLAY] FRONTLINE Sorry didn't put this in the title!!! So I've found two odd things in the walled arena below the collectors HQ in future Tai Ming. 1) A Thornworm left Tai Ming to go on an adventure to distant lands. A monkey threw a thornworm, and it landed next to the right-hand wall...
  20. 0x5f375a86

    Third States of mimic

    After defeating the second state of the mimic, if you are in the red area of the image, then you will be stuck with the huge mimic. You can't attack him. Can't trigger it to move. I can't use English freely. I hope you understand what I mean. Any questions you can ask me. ---------2017/3/28...