1. AlCH3MlST

    [Gameplay] Bad door hitbox for 4-player Co-op

    Just a small disruption from normal gameplay in 4-player mode. Specifically one of the cave exits in Seasonne (I believe the bottom left cave above the cupcake house) we spent a good minute trying to exit the cave. the trick was to have people take a step back away from the door which seemed to...
  2. L

    [Visual] Able to stand on a hole next to Number 3 Puzzle on Seasonne

    Hi! So I've been playing this game for several years (really love it) and finally decided to join the forum. This cave is the one on the left side of the Number 3 puzzle entrance. I'm not sure if this is expected, but I don't think so. Please check the screenshot. I'm playing on Frontline...
  3. Rachel

    Dragon Drawing in Mt. Bloom

    Does the dragon drawing next to the rectangle surrounded by stones in mt. bloom have any meaning? Is there like a secret boss or something????? Is there items I need to drop to open the door?? pls hElp