1. Elcoope

    Diagonal attacks

    cIt would be nice to have diagonal attacks, it would enhace the combat when using ranged skills and weapons. Also add an archer focus class pls
  2. MysticVirgo

    Gold Skill Point Revamp.

    Gold Skill Points need to be revamped. I love (LOVE) this game, but the fact I cannot max out AT LEAST 2 spells at level 24 #breaksmyheart. Players should be able to max out at least 2 skills around level 20-25. (which would make for very interesting builds!) My suggestion: reduce the number...
  3. TyBraniff

    Rebalance Combat

    Hey Grindeans, [SPOILERS BELOW] as of 0.700a This is kinda a suggestion/opinion that me (and my friends I play with) have when it comes to combat. So first ill just come out and say I've played 33 hours now and have the game 100% as of patch 0.700a. Ill give you the backstory, Me and my pal's...