1. GringeaFun

    Small ideas

    Why not? 1) You can add the craft of the final weapon, which would be created from a large number of things from all over the game and would be at the level (or almost at the level) with ancient artifacts, not only in terms of stats, but also in extremely powerful special abilities (you know...
  2. ThatOneGuy


    The item lettuce, described as, "A rich source of vitamin K and A, and a vital ingredient in any salad." This item... Is currently completely useless... In the least it should be a pet food. Maybe giving 10 to 30 health xp, since it is such a rare food. However it would be amazing if you could...
  3. P

    [Gameplay] frontline XBox Controller doesn't allow inventory sorting

    Image uploaded is of the crafting screen which has the same bug, instead of showing Hide Known and Sort ( inventory menu) as the usual Y yellow button. Playing Frontline. Originally the buttons displayed correctly as a yellow Y button and I could sort and hide normally. As shown the game now...
  4. T

    [Gameplay]Crafting without ingredients

    Situation: The giga slime didn't drop anything yet. For crafting the slime hammer and armor, I have the ingredients, except for the slime cube, wich is still unknown for me then, and appears as a black sillouette. I re-enter the fight to get a drop from the giga slime, for crafting. I defeat...