dragonbone dunes

  1. S

    Very Ordinary Shoes

    I can't find the chest of this item, my progess in game is 100%. Is this a Bug? Or am i blind to find this chest? One more, Does someone can tell me the chest with Very Ordinary Shoes location?
  2. Rachel

    Dragon Drawing in Mt. Bloom

    Does the dragon drawing next to the rectangle surrounded by stones in mt. bloom have any meaning? Is there like a secret boss or something????? Is there items I need to drop to open the door?? pls hElp
  3. Rachel

    Grinding While AFK in Dragonbone Dunes

    Hello :3 Most of you have probably seen the AFK grinding in the Pillar Mountains posted by another so I found another spot you can grind from, and it will get you more money!! <3 Hope this helps you! It's also a great way to get that 250k needed for the teleportation plate! :D