fan art

  1. Jargalo

    Comics (Spoilers)

    So, after playing through the latest update, I got a few ideas for some little cartoons. I'll try and get them all down on pen-and-non-paper but who knows? Here's the first one, featuring everyone's favorite not-actually-a-pirate undead pirate captain:
  2. TsReaper

    Fan Art from China

    I'm not the creator of these fan arts. The creator of these fan arts is 二狗现在十分蛋疼 (steam nickname), and I post this thread on behalf of him as he is not quite good at English. He is also the creator of the video series about some amusing bugs in the game (click this link to view)...
  3. Jargalo


    , huh?[/SPOILER] to come with us and scout out for any ...[/SPOILER] work on existing portraits.[/SPOILER]... [/SPOILER]...