ghost ship

  1. H

    [Spectral Party Quest] Got all ghosts, but quest asks for more

    Wiki says there's 11 on top of the 3 first ones. Adding the quest giver, I count 15 in this image (11+3+1) Am I missing something?
  2. Den4kGames

    Bran Di ghost and Aged Rom

    My new problem consist then: Ghost Bran Di is missing, and im dont have any chance to reward 100% on Tai Ming, and im dont have Emperty Bottle im my inventory and Selling Items. Aged Rom missing to, but im opened chest in Lost ship with him.
  3. Plippity

    Ghost Ship Biting Door

    How do you get into the biting door on the Ghost Ship? My friend and I have tried everything we could but we can't figure it out. Any hints?