1. Bakuan

    Pecko visual glitch

    If you manage to kill Pecko at the exact same time Pecko is about to fly, the shadow will still be there. I didn't wait to see if Pecko respawns or not because I was farming for the card.
  2. Tylerthedragon

    [Visual] [Gameplay] Spinsect Glitch

    A few months back (before I took a break from playing the game) I encountered a bug with a spinsect where it would not die. I couldn't replicate it and record it so I left it. I managed to find the glitch again and this time was able to capture me recording it. What I think happens is that it...
  3. L

    [Major] Game Breaking Glitch (portals)

    This one's an odd one, and it's one that no one is likely to come across, unless you're trying to be smart, but I'll post it anyway. My save file is no longer playable because of it, which is a bummer, because I had over 7 hours on that save :( Okay, so after you defeat the Temple of...
  4. X

    Titan's Throw Bug

    When charging Titan's Throw beside a wall, casting it towards it and cancelling it with an attack, the player becomes immobilized until further action has been taken. GIF: