1. Rachel

    Grinding While AFK in Dragonbone Dunes

    Hello :3 Most of you have probably seen the AFK grinding in the Pillar Mountains posted by another so I found another spot you can grind from, and it will get you more money!! <3 Hope this helps you! It's also a great way to get that 250k needed for the teleportation plate! :D
  2. XxX_MLG Noob_XxX

    Making Essence (and Lood Eggs) Meaningful Long Term

    When y'all return to arcade (I know it's not a big deal now) please do something significant with the essence. Right now, I honestly hate essence. I have way over 10mil gold (numbers pushing outside the regular box) and am repeatedly hitting the 999 essence wall only to sell for roughly 500k...
  3. WalceDony

    [Suggestion] Item pricing in Arcade Mode.

    I've been playing Arcade mode a lot, and noticed that the Straw Boater has LOWER stats than the Warm Hat, yet sells for 50 MORE gold. Shouldn't the price of items scale up depending on what stats they have? I'm not sure if this is also the case with other items. If it is, I will keep this thread...